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Ice The Dolls Out

This artist makes the "Doll" in her name perfectly clear. What do I mean by that? She always switches up her looks, AND her sound as far as her music goes. Her most popular songs are Ice Me Out and For Everybody! She even stars in the hit series BMF as Monique. This rapper is none other than Kash Doll.

Click on the image to listen to Ice Me Out!

Kash Doll was born Arkeisha Antoinette Knight. Knight was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 14, 1992. Being the oldest of 6 siblings, Knight had to grow up rather quickly to help her mother support their family. During the time she had to get a job, she began to take interest in music and had a desire to rap. Knight took that desire and ran with it! She ended up freestyling and writing lyrics at a young age. Though she does not disclose her personal life, Knight does share that she attended Henry Ford college for business management, but then realized school was not for her. Instead, she wanted to get money the fast way. Knight became an exotic dancer and while that was her occupation, she would rap and earn money without having to dance.

After leaving the club, Knight performed at local clubs, schools, and charity events in her hometown. She used social media to build a fan base and she would uploading clips of her rapping. Within that time frame, she opened for Drake on his Summer Sixteen tour. After that, she was featured on different songs with Tinashe, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, and Iggy Azalea. Knight released a mixtape in 2015 called Keisha. vs Kash Doll. In 2018, she released another mixtape on her birthday called Brat Mail! Well, Kash Doll does resemble Sasha from Bratz, she's so pretty! The same year she released Brat Mail, she signed to Republic Records and released her hit single Ice Me Out, which is one of my favorite alter ego songs. One thing I noticed about Kash Doll, she makes songs based on life experiences which makes her rather interesting, Since then, she has put in work and has been doing her big one!

Click on the GIF to listen to Abowww!

During the summer of this year, Kash Doll released Abowww, and it has the good girls in a chokehold. It definitely had the nightclubs on lock, especially during the weekends since it was always pay day! This song definitely had me going and I recommend this for the girlies that like to be out and about!

In my opinion, I think Kash Doll is very much underrated. I think Kash Doll is not talked about enough because she is not promiscuous and she does not talk about sensual things. In due time, I think Kash Doll is going to get the recognition she deserves.


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