Atlanta's soon to be star, Killchris.

Atlanta's soon to be star, Killchris, gives us 7 hot tracks with no features on his new project "333 Soulja".

Working with branNEWmedia.

Being that Killchris works closely with branNEWmedia, when the decision was made to put out his first ever project, we were extremely excited. With his bright future, we're honored to help in anyway we can. Our founder and CEO, Bran Black, who also manages Killchris, has made it his mission to show the world the star that Killchris really is.

Leading up to this point.

Killchris has been nothing but consistent since the ball dropped for 2020. With releases earlier this year consisting of, 'Testing', which is one of KC's most popular tracks. "Old Memories", "Millions" featuring ATR3K, and his hit single "No Gun Lock" featuring Sam Kofi, has all only added to his flame and increased his fan base.

What's next for the future Rap Star?

From the insight we've gotten of Killchris, the rest of 2020 for him looks like releasing dope visuals for tracks from his latest tape. And when we tell you this, don't tell anyone (tell everyone you know). Killchris is planning on releasing another mixtape forth quarter 2020. *Shhhhhhh* If anyone asks, you didn't hear that from us... *Wink*

Get caught up.

Links below are to Killchris visual, "Rival" that he's released, as well as singles so you can hop on the wave before it's too late. (It's never too late but you get the picture)


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