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In November of 2018, the idea of branNEWmedia came to Bran Black. A concept to create a platform for not only musical artist, but fashion designers, and other creatives to show their talent. Talent that can be overlooked in today's world. Bran was tired of creatives being forced to let their talents go to waste just because the 'right person' didn't pay them any attention. The world should see what it produced. That initial idea grew into a one-stop-shop hub for creatives to get the tools they need to grow progress.

Our main focus is to help bridge the gap between underground and mainstream through creative development. But for a range of different types of creatives. We provide tools for creatives to use to their advantage. Check out our services to find out more about what we do!

Words from Bran

branNEWmedia is the future. The NEW way creatives are given genuine opportunities that can change their whole narrative. We're here to push the culture forward, the branNEWmedia way.


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meet the team.

Here at BNM, we take teamwork immensely serious. Without our team, nothing would move. The amount of ground we plan to cover, it takes a dedicated, caring, genuine, hardworking human being to do so. Those are the individuals you'll see apart of our team.  



Founder & CEO, BNM/BNR

Bran Black

The man with the plan. Bran Black is our company's founder and operator. His job isn't done til' everyone's ate.


Head of Marketing, BNR

J. Hibb

One of the flyest you'll ever come across.  J. Hibb is the force behind our fashion division, BNR's marketing.


Video Content Lead, BNR


A true combination of pure optimism & discovery. Jas is our lead of all video content for BNR.


Creative Development Lead, BNR


Strategically innovative with lots of insight. Lys leads operation of BNR's main service, Creative Development.


Journalist, BNM


Where authenticity & pure opinion meet, you'll find Tasha. Our in-house, The Lookout Blog's writer and host.

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Branding is everything! What people know you as can make or break your image as an artist. We give you the proper tools to turn your image into what it needs to be as the star you want to become.  



The world needs to see you everywhere! Through our promotion series, they can do just that. We push your music and brand as a whole to get as many eyes on as possible. Working with us will get you seen! 

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What's your plan to get your music career started? Don't have one? Let us work with you and create a game plan that suits you best. We sit down with you and go over a specific route you can take to move you forward in your artistry.  


Chris Van Gogh


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Joshua Michael


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