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 work with us. 

In simplest terms, we specialize in making your music releases as easy for you as possible.


Here's the 3 step breakdown of how easy the process is:

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Come to us with the music project (Single, EP, or Album/LP).


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We generate a strategic rollout that's tailored to your music career.


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Now it's time to execute the rollout to create a successful release.


 how it works. 

After you submit your info to get started, we connect with you and discuss the task at hand. Are you looking to release a single, EP, or full body project or album? Once that's decided, we then generate a tailored release rollout for your music. This rollout can vary based on your career. But every detail will be fully discussed with you to both inform you on what's taking place and for you to learn for future reference.

Simple, right?

 who it's available to. 

There's only one qualification to able to receive this service. And that're a recording artist. That's it! So if you make music (any genre), you are able to fully utilize our great Release Rollout service. And this is regardless of how established or unestablished you currently are in your music career. We want to work with you! We're only here to help you grow your artistry and career, the branNEWmedia way.

Simple, right?


If you're interested in working with us, but have questions first, submit the short form below.

Thanks for your inquiry! Check your email, we'll be in touch soon.


Q: Is branNEWmedia a music label?

A: No, we are a media agency that provides distribution, resources, and platforms to creatives. Learn more on our about us page.

Q: Are the Release Rollout consultations in person or remote?

A: At this time, we are a fully remote company.

Q: Do I have to be a rapper to work with branNEWmedia?

A: Nope! We welcome every genre and artist type. If you are a recording artist, we want to work with you!

Q: How does pricing work? How much does this cost?

A: After you submit, and we discus what is at hand, we then go through the pricing for your Release Rollout.


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Do you like when someone that's never heard of you before, hears your music? Even better than that, loves your music? Of course you do!

We offer an opportunity for you to be heard! You can submit your song to be considered being presented right on our websites homepage.

Cool, right?

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We provide a safe platform where beat-makers can easily connect with artist and vice versa. Submit a request to be reviewed and considered to be showcased here on BNM. 

Generally, every Friday there's an abundant amount of new music being released. This can be hard to keep up with. Don't worry, we've got you covered with music updates.

Designers now have a place, branNEWrunway, where their brand can be put on display. We provide a platform for underground fashion to grow into mainstream fashion.

We constantly look for what's new and unheard of. From new music artist, beat-makers, fashion designers, and new music. Our blog is a source of breaths of fresh air.

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