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Jessie Murph

Hometown: Alabama

Genre: Alternative 

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Who is Jessie Murph?

You know those certain topics most people are just not cut to say? But most definitely think? So, Jessie Murph says all of those things.. 

Jessie may be best known from the platform, TikTok, but has been making a strong entrance into the music scene. With powerful records like; 'Upgrade' and 'Look Who's Cryin Now', Jessie is making a statement in music that she should be respected. 


Her music honestly is some type of relief. Knowing that you aren't the only one thinking a certain thought or feeling a certain way, really makes it easy to listen. Her delivery is not too aggressive, either. It's almost as if she's softly screaming about her emotions.'s hard to explain. We suggest you just go give her a listen to better understand what we mean. 

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