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Baby Mexico Shotta

Shotta Flow, Shotta Flow 2, Shotta 3, Walk Em Down, Go Stupid, Camelot are all popular songs by this popular rapper. He is also known for "cutting up" on Instagram and TikTok. In addition, he is also known for his animated vocals and energetic rapping. His sound has been described as "melodic" and "heavy-hitting". If you said NLE Choppa, you hit it right on the nose. Minus all the legal issues Choppa has endured, he is actually a talented artist. Let's get into it!

Click on the GIF to listen to Shotta Flow!

NLE Choppa was born Bryson Lashaun Potts on November 1, 2002 in Memphis, Tennessee. His mother is African-American father and a Jamaican mother. During his teenage years he played basketball. He does not really discuss his childhood in detail. However, when he was 14 he started freestyling with his friends. Potts then started taking his music career seriously at 15. In 2018, Potts released his song No Love Anthem under the pseudonym YRN Choppa. In July that same year, he released his debut mixtape No Love the Takeover. In 2019, Shotta Flow reached 10 million views in a month. Since he became famous for Shotta Flow, the Memphis rapper released numerous projects: Shotta Flow 2, Blocc Is Hot, Top Shotta, From Dark to Light, and Me vs. Me. Since joining the music industry, he has experienced fatherhood, a different lifestyle, and some legal issues. Regardless of what happened throughout his career, he still maintained to be the best rapper of his generation!

Click on the image to listen to Diamonds!

Today, NLE Choppa released a song with Rarri called Diamonds. I like the song because it gives me a euphoric feeling. This song is the kind of song you would play at a get together with some friends, or when you're typing a 10 page paper for college. Also, this sounds like a song that you would play on I-85 and just cruise. I do think that Choppa brought out his "simp" side in some way. Overall, the song is soothing and it is really a laid back vibe. I personally would not say it is my favorite, but I would listen to it if I am in my feelings to a certain extent.

No matter how people feel about NLE Choppa's character, I think he definitely that he has the potential to grow as an artist. As a person, people may describe him as "toxic", "immature", "childish", and more. However, in most recent events since his break up with Marissa Danae puts him in a different light. He has been more direct and honest about his feelings, which I give him the upmost praise for because sometimes people are not honest. Regardless of his past, he has the potential to grow and I root for his greatness!


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