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Everyone Raps in Blue

Toxic relationships have been normalized for God knows how long. However, I think this rapper's relationship takes the cake. However, this artist is known for his song Thotiana and Respect My Cryppin'! This artist is none other than Blueface baby!

Click on the image to listen to the Thotiana Remix ft. Cardi B and YG!

Johnathan Porter Jr. formerly known as Blueface was born on January 20, 1997 in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, even though he did not succeed academically, he found a love for football. At 6'4" and 160lbs, Porter was a quarterback. However, it was not until he decided to put the football down, that he wanted to take his rap career seriously. In 2019, he debuted his song Thotiana which was number 75 on Billboard hot 100. Since then, Porter has been known for his off-beat rapping. He released songs such as Stop Cappin', Daddy, and Bussdown. He also released numerous projects: Find the Beat, Dirt Bag, and Famous Cryp. Outside of music, he has become the center of attention because of his relationship with Chrisean Rock and his child's mother Jaidyn Alexis. There is even a show coming out with him and Chrisean called "Chrisean and Blueface: Crazy In Love. Overall, some people are for Blue and some are not for it.

Click on the gif to listen to Better Days 2!

In October, Porter released his single Better Days 2 (Pain in the Ghetto). I can say even though I do not like how Blueface portrays himself on social media, he does have some good music. I think Better Days 2 is a great song in that there is a sense of relatability, He discusses about living in the trenches and how he wants things to change within the song and I think that's what drew me into the single. There are some who do not like Blueface, but he does have some good songs.

Even though the portrayal of Blueface is negative, he does have some good songs. I wish him the best in his continuence of music whether the people are with him or against him.


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