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Planet H.E.R

Some may say that this artist is having a Britney moment because she shaved her head and her eyebrows. Some may say she is creative, but some say she's losing her mind. However, she does have some fans behind her. This artist is known for her spunky personality, her outrageous choices of clothing, and her crazy hairstyles. This artist is none other than Doja Cat!

Click on this image to listen to Kiss Me More!

Doja Cat was born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini on October 21, 1995, in the streets of Los Angeles, California. She was the daughter of a South African father of the Zulu descent, while her mother is Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. Growing up, Dlamini discloses that her father was not really present in her life, and claims that she is "estranged" from him. As she got older, she had taken vocal lessons because she wanted to take music seriously. In the same breath, she dropped out of school because she suffered from ADHD. Dlamini stated, "It felt like I was stuck in one spot and everybody else was progressing constantly." In the year 2012, she taught herself how to rap, sing, and use GarageBand on her iPhone. In addition, within the same year, she released So High on her SoundCloud! Due to the release of her first song, she performed at parties and cyphers which helped her gain exposure as an artist. Dlamini was then signed to Kemosabe Records under Dr. Luke. Since then, she has put out numerous projects: Amala, Hot Pink, and Planet HER. I can say that my favorite songs by Doja Cat are Handstand, Kiss Me More, and Woman. Doja Cat is popular when it comes to her music videos because the visuals are always OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Click on the GIF to listen to Kiss Me More with Naomi Watanabe!

During the summer of this year, she had remade Kiss Me More with SZA, with Naomi Watanabe. I like it but then I do not at the same time. I like it because she included a foreign language which I thought was fire. However, there are just some songs that do not need to be remixed again. I think the one with SZA was a lot better only because of her vocals and the tone of her voice suited the song well. This may not be the best song that Doja remixed, but it is not the worst.

Even though a lot of fans may consider Doja Cat a colorist, but we cannot take away the fact that she has a creative mind! From her crazy outfits, video visuals, and her spunky personality, Doja Cat is making her mark! I hope she collaborates with more artists, because the girlies are waiting!


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