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The start of 2023!

I know you guys were expecting an article about music, but I want to take a different route. I want to use this as a reflective piece. It has only been 21 days since the year had started and let's take the time to ask ourselves this, "Am I hustling hard enough to reach my goal(s)?", "Am I finding a balance between my well-being and what is going to make me rich?" Understand that, mental health is wealth. How can one be on a mission to being rich when one's mental is not on the up and up?

One thing that I had to learn was that your mental health is your priority. If one is not doing well mentally, how can you accomplish your goals? I think that if not everyone's, but majority of everyone's goal is to become filthy rich. However, it is a process to get there. Consistency, hard work, dedication, and motivation are 4 things, in my opinion, that helps keep one going to do better and better every time! I think what some people fail the realize too, that not every day is going to be a good day. Some days, one might feel like giving up because they are not receiving the results that they want immediately. Like Joel Embiid said, "TTP" Trust The Process.

Whether it is music, writing, a website, etc., put in the hard work and be consistent. Results show when you show that there is dedication behind what you do. I think as well, that sometimes we are consumed by our own thoughts because we are our biggest critic. However, we have to allow imperfections to be what they are because what may imperfect to you, may be perfect to someone else. Like i had mentioned, be consistent, dedicated, and work hard and watch those results flow!

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