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Hometown: San Pedro

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

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Who is Remble?

IT'S REMBLE...sorry, I just like saying that. but anyway, Remble is a new artist that brings a healthy balance of humor to rap. He drops off serious bars while making you occasionally giggle. It's rather entertaining. We'll get more into his style shortly, though.

Remble has records out that are bringing him pretty heavy buzz. records like; 'Gordan R Freestyle' and 'Touchable'. He even recently released a joint with Atlanta's, Lil Yachty, titled; 'Rocc Climbing'.


Now, doubling back to his sound. Remble has a certain humorous essence to his style of rap. Not to the point where you don't take him serious, but to the point were you're actually entertained and want to keep listening to hear what he's about to say next. We give Remble two thumbs up (as if he'd care haha), and think you should give him a listen.

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