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Every month, each staff member handpicks a brand that we name as the brand of the month. To be a brand of the month, we look at how consistent, innovative, and creative the brand has been. Now, obviously more than one can be all those things, we just pick the one that stands out to us the most at that time. 

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issue: February
staff pick: Lys

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Flâneur's objective is to craft a world for the modern flâneur, catering to wanderers and dreamers. This is achieved through an comprehensive unisex ready-to-wear wardrobe, captivating visual art, and compelling still and animated imagery, all embracing the art of wandering and the beauty of flâneur-ism.

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The Characters Silk Hooded Shirt in Ecru crafted from the finest silk-like material. The versatile detachable scarf, also made from the same sumptuous material, adds a unique and culturally-rich touch to the overall design. Offered in a variety of serene muted blues and natural earthy shades.


Nike Sues BAPE Over Alleged Infringement


Nike files lawsuit over BAPE's 'Bapesta' silhouette for infringement of design. Click below to learn more.

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Balenciaga Scandal Explained


Balenciaga has been facing heat over their recent campaign that highlights child abuse. Click below to learn more.

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Kim Kardashian's SKIMS Now Worth $4B


Kim Kardashians's SKIMS has reached a new value at $4B, while saving lives. Click below to learn more.

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Tom Ford Just Sold


Luxury fashion brand, Tom Ford, has been sold to Estee Lauder for a BIG amount. Click below to learn more.


Adidas & Yeezy Unpacked


What does it mean now that Adidas has parted ways with the Yeezy brand? Click below to learn more.


Yeezy vs. Adidas [UPDATE]


An update on the lawsuit between Adidas and Ye/Yeezy brand. Who wins the suit? Click below to learn more.

Are you a brand owner and/or fashion designer? Submit now to have your brand reviewed and showcased right here on BNR!

branNEWmedia or branNEWrunway does NOT hold any responsibility for any order complications or issues with any of the brands displayed. For we have done a more than thorough search on each brand and feel they are trusted to shop with.

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