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2 for 1 Special: Bars + Melodies

Soon to be rising star, Chris Van Gogh, brings a combination to music that consists of bar for bar and melodies that will leave you in your feelings. With flows that cater to both overall hip-hop and even rock, CVG's versatility will take him to a place where many can relate.

I just feel like I'm a voice for those who feel disconnected from reality.

- The Tonight Show Pt. II, PSYCHOTIC by Chris Van Gogh

Photo credit: Jaren Stephens

Releasing his debut project — PSYCHOTIC, since his recent name change, CVG truly showed his range of artistry. with records like, 'Psycho' and 'Think I Lost My Mind' or even 'Remember Me Interlude' and 'Right Now'. He's shown that he's more than capable of speaking with masculinity but also staying in touch with his more intimate emotions. With CVG hailing from one of largest music capitols, Atlanta, GA, it's extremely easy to blend in or not even get noticed. Based on his music, you can hear that he's entirely in his own lane, making it easier for him to stand out. Things like his distinct tone, impressive wordplay, subject matter, and overall flow is what contributes to the making of his sound. Not to mention the confidence you hear in his voice. I don't've ever talked to someone and their confident tone and word choice makes you not even care whether or not what they're saying has any truth behind it? You just believe them, lol. All in all, we believe Chris Van Gogh has a bright future in music and we're here for the ride. Check out his latest project release, PSYCHOTIC, that's available everywhere they have music :)

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