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Public Displays Of Affection Too

PDA is something that not a lot people like. There are some people that like being affectionate to their significant other, but some dislike it because it is a bit much for one to do. However, with this artist, she is very much vocal about being affectionate towards her man and she does not have a care in the world. That artist is Muni Long, the Princess of love-making music! The Florida native has been making her way to the top and she's doing great!

Click on the photo to listen to Hrs and Hrs!

Born in Vero Beach, Florida, Long was born Priscilla Renea Hamiliton on September 14, 1988. She started singing at 2, but did not release her first single in 2009 called DollHouse. After the release of Dollhouse, Long came out with the Jukebox album. From 2010-2018 , she wrote songs for artists such as Ke$ha, Rihanna, Madonna, Selena Gomez, Chris Brown, and more! In 2019, she started performing under the pseudonym

'Muni Long" and she has sky rocketed since then! She released songs in 2019 such as Midnight Snack, Black Like This, and Nobody Knows. These songs all put me in a chokehold all because there is meaning each song! Midnight Snack gives off a sensual side while the other 2, gives off meaning. I love Muni Long and I am here for her music!

In recent events, the Florida native released Public Displays of Affection Too. When I say I love this EP, I honestly do! This EP makes me want to be laid up under my man and just rub my hands on his durag. This album makes me feel sensual, romantic, and more girly feelings that exists. I love how intimate she is with her music and how she gets people of both genders to listen to her music. I love the song Baby Boo and Crack because I feel like most women who are being ride or die for their men are addicted their man, period. Muni Long needs to release more music like this because I am here for it.

Click on the GIF to listen to the Public Displays of Affection Too

Moreover, we got to give Muni Long her flowers because with the short amount of time she has been in the music business, she's doing great. Long had everyone in chokehold with Hrs and Hrs because that was everybody's go to song when it came to romance whether it was male or female. I love the fact that she shows off her intimate side, but when she gonna do a collaboration with another singer or rapper? We may never know.


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