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It's Going to be a Breezy Summer

Most are wondering, how is it going to be a "breezy" summer? I do not mean literally "breezy" weather wise. I mean Breezy as in Chris Brown, the King of R&B. The Virginia native just dropped an album that is self titled called Breezy. Chris Brown provides so many vibes within his music, and he never disappoints! The father of 3 sets the tone of "Yeah I can have a sensual side, but I can deliver the hood music too."

Click the gif to hear the newly released BREEZY album!

Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, Christopher Maurice Brown was destined to be an artist! He first got in the music scene is 2022, but he was not noticed until 2004. He dropped his first self-titled album, which sold over 154,000 copies and became triple platinum! One of his songs off the album, Run It!, it was on Billboard Hot 100! Since 1995. Breezy has become the first male artist to have his debut album top the charts! Since his self-titled album, the breakdancing phenom has released other projects such as Fan of a Fan, Fan of a Fan: The Album, Before the Party, Graffiti, F.A.M.E., X, Fortune, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, Exclusive, Royalty, and Indigo. I do not have a favorite Chris Brown song, but just know he has a song for every mood swing.

Click on this photo to hear music by Chris Brown!

On June 24, 2022, Brown dropped BREEZY and I can tell you right now, I love the fact that he decided to go a different route within his sound. In July 2021, the artist claims that he wanted to take a new approach. He states that he wanted to make some "really endearing music" that "talk to women's soul." In addition, if you follow Breezy on social media, he said that the album would contain some pure R&B material. Pretty much, this album is a depiction of a different type of love mixed with heart break. I am so glad he did this because majority of women I know, love listening to music by men who are in tune with their emotions. For example, women gush over artists such as Giveon, Brent Faiyaz, or 6LACK because they are reveal their emotions with no hesitation! So far my favorite 3 songs on this album would be WE (Warm Embrace), Psychic featuring Jack Harlow, and Pitch Black. Chris Brown is giving all types of sensuality in this album and I love it!

All in all, we have to give Chris Brown his flowers because he DELIVERED! He delivers on every album, but this one? Has me ready to slide down a wall and cry. We are so used to Chris dancing to every song, but I think his emotions got him in a chokehold. Can we hope for a collaboration with other male R&B artists? We can only hope for the best!


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