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A Destined King

Selfish, Dangerous, Beast Mode, Feelins, Everyday We Lit, bad vibes, There She Go, Like Me, are all popular songs by this great artist! This artist is known for setting the Hip-Hop, R&B, trap pop sound! This artist is none other than PNB Rock!

Click on the image to listen to Dangerous!

PNB Rock was born Rakim Hasheem Allen on December 9, 1991, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Growing up in a Muslim household, morals and expectations were different for him. At an early age, his father was murdered so he was raised in a matrilineal home. Before bouncing into his career, he grew up listening to 2Pac and Jodeci. At 13 years of age, he was sent to a youth detention program for robberies and fighting in school. When Allen turned 19 years old, he was sentenced for 2 years and 8 months for drug possession and other crimes. After experiencing homelessness and not finishing high school, he started to take his career seriously. Allen adopted the name PnB Rock. PnB Rock derived from the streets he grew up in, which is Pastorius and Baynton.

On June 24, 2014, he released his debut mixtape called Real N*gga Bangaz. After a year of the release of his mixtape, Allen signed to Atlantic Records. While dipping his feet into the music scene, he released his most popular song Selfish (which is my personal favorite) which charted on number 51 on US Billboard Hot 100. Allen was even included in their list of "10 New Artists You Need To Know". Since then, he has contributed so much to the music business. Allen has been contributing to soundtracks of different movies. In addition, he released numerous projects: GTM: Goin Thru the Motion, TrapStar Turnt PopStar, and SoundCloud Daze.

Click on this GIF of PNB Rock to listen to Luv Me Again!

On September 2, 2022, Allen had released a song called Luv Me Again, and I think it is a vibe. I love the beat for the song, but I wished the lyrics were different. I wished he gave Kirko Bangz Drank In My Cup, slow, sensual, and vibeful. Don't get me wrong, I am all for PnB Rock, this song I cannot get with. Overall, I think PnB Rock is a great artist, but this song did not make the cut.

However, after his tragic death on September 12, 2022 had everyone at a standstill. It was very much unexpected. Since he passed away, his music had been popping. My 2 favorite songs by him are Dangerous ft. Meek Mill and Selfish. One thing that I have to give him credit for is how expressive he was. As a black man, their feelings tend to be pushed onto the back burner. In this world now, not a lot of men are expressive like he is. It sucks that it takes for an artist to pass away for their music to become popular. I send my condolences to PnB Rock's family!


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