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All is Well with JayDaYoungan

23 Island, Elimination, Opps, Purge, Thuggin for Real, Early Morning: do any of these songs ring a bell? What about this rapper puts his hair in a updo ponytail? If you said JayDaYoungan, you're right! JayDaYoungan is popular for his song 23 Island. The southern rapper was also known for his toxic relationship with Jordan B along with being a father of 1. JayDaYoungan had a tight hold on the southern community because of his rap skills. He states "All I want to do is grow as an artist. Later in my career, when I get to a specific point, I will be signing artists. Just perfecting my craft each and every day."

Click on the link to listen to 23 Island!

JayDaYoungan was born as Javorius Tykies Scott on July 15,1998 in Bogalusa, Louisiana. JayDaYoungan has always been very private when it came to his childhood, so we think. It was never broadcasted on social media or any of the sort, but those who know just know. Scott began his rapping career at 18 and dropped out of high school to live his dream as a rapper. As a rapper, he has gained so much popularity. With his charismatic attitude, he has dropped numerous projects: The Real Jumpman 23, Forever 23, Taking Off, 23, Endless Pain, Misunderstood (my personal favorite), Baby23, 23 is Back, All Is Well, and Scarred - EP. Scott has a similar rap style like Lil Wayne, however he said he wanted to create his own style. During his rap career, he has become a father of 1. He was supposed to have another child, but his girlfriend Carena had a miscarriage. Overall, no matter how he is perceived on social media, I will forever think that Scott is a great artist.

Click on the image to hear his All Is Well EP!

Back in March, Scott released his EP All Is Well. I brought this EP to life because I do not think this EP got the recognition it deserved. In this EP, he discusses a lot of things that are dear to him. My favorite song off of this EP was WYO because he talks about how his girlfriend makes him feel. A few lines that he expressed in the song were: "My heart so cold, you the one that makes me warm. Don't never change, I know you the one. Walk through the rain, we can get through the storm." I'm going to be honest, that put me in my feelings because you can tell that JayDaYoungan just wanted to ride for him regardless of his imperfections. I would align this album to be in "Sad Girlz" playlist because this album just makes me want to think about life all over again.

As a whole, JayDaYoungan is a great rapper. His career was taking off until his tragic death on July 27,2022. A lot of fans are shaken up by his tragic death only because he had posted on his social media the day before. As a fan, even though he wasn not perfect, he did the best he could. Moreover, he was a great father and a great artist. I hope that people will continue to play his music forever.


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