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blue water road trip

Now this next artist I am about to write about, I have been a fan since forever. I loved her since she came out with Lock it Up with Marc. E Bassy. She has collaborated with Teyana Taylor, Masego, Cardi B, YK Osiris, Lil Yatchty, Calvin Harris, and more! She's known for her sultry voice and her vocal range. This talented artist is none other than Kehlani! Yes, we are about to dig deep behind the music of Kehlani.

Click on the gif to hear my favorite song Hate the Club ft Masego!

Kehlani was born Kehlai Ashley Parrish on April 24, 1995 in Oakland, California. Kehalni's pronouns are she/they. They were raised by their aunt because their mother was a drug addict along with their father being an addict as well. Parrish's father passed away of a drug addiction when they were a toddler. Growing up, Kehlani aspired to be a dancer. However, because of a knee injury: they decided to pursue singing. Kehlani states, "My musical influences come from R&B and neo-soul artists. Artists such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Jill Scott. At 14, they decided to join a cover band called PopLyfe. Kehlani's duration with the group was from 2009-2013. Poplyfe disbanded because several management and contract disputes. Since then Kehlani has released several great projects: SweetSexySavage, It Was Good Until It Wasn't, and Blue Water Road. During these projects, she was in several relationships. However, the ones that were most talked about were her relationship with YG and the Nets' top tier player Kyrie Irving. The relationship ended with YG after 3 months because of his infidelity. Along with the breakup with Kyrie Irving, they attempted suicide because of the breakup. Moreover, we got great music because she broke up with both of them.

Click on the image to listen to Blue Water Road!

In April, Kehlani released Blue Water Road. They tell Rolling Stone, "Blue Water Road is a destination in my mind. I am giving everyone access, It's an emotional, sexual, and spiritual journey. To me, the album is like a glass house. it's light, transparent, and the sun is shining right through it." I love the album overall but there are some songs that really put me in my feelings. I would say everything, up at night, altar, and tangerine definitely put me in a sliding down the wall kind of feeling. Kehlani's voice is so soothing to listen to and I mean that in the most literal way possible. They definitely give me Summer Walker Still Over It but it's Kehlani. If you are in your feelings, this is the album to listen to. Kehlani really snapped on this album and I hope to see more in the future!

As a performer, Kehlani gives it all! From looks, the visuals, they always deliver! One thing for certain and two things for sure, no one can say that Kehlani is not talented. Recently, they were in Atlanta performing and did great! Kehlani has shown potential and never disappoints! In the mere future, I would love to see collaborations with Latto, Meg Thee Stallion, or even Omeretta! We can only hope but as of right now, Kehlani's doing great!


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