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Demon Mode: Nardo Wick

Who Want Smoke, Me or Sum, Burning Up, Alright, Baby Wyd?, Shhh, Krazy Krazy are all songs by this rapper. He is from the South, Florida to be specific. He has collaborated with G Herbo, Future, Lil Baby, 21 Savage, and more! If you had said Nardo Wick, you are absolutely right! This artist has had the rap game in somewhat of a chokehold, but we're definitely gonna get into it!

Click on the image to listen to Who Want Smoke??!

Nardo Wick, was born Horace Benard Walls III on December 30,2001 in Jacksonville, FL. Walls started writing music in high school, and once he graduated he decided to embark on a music career. When he first debuted he came out with 3 singles: Lolli, Slide, and Came Up. Starting in 2021, this Florida native came out with Who Want Smoke?? which featured 21 Savage, Lil Durk, and G Herbo. The Florida native's Who Want Smoke?? single, charted at number 17 on Billboard hot 100. The same year, the single had become certified platinum. Shortly after being given a certification, he has also been featured in She Want Me Dead! featuring Katana 10400 which is his first feature. After being a part of a feature, Nardo Wick released Me or Sum which features Lil Baby and Future. The song is actually a second single to Who Is Nardo Wick?. Nardo Wick definitely has a soft tone when he raps. Since he has this soft tone, that's what keeps me interested as a listener because it is uncommon for rappers to have soft tones when rapping.

Click on this gif to listen to Who is Nardo Wick?? !

In July of 2022, Wick had released Who is Nardo Wick?? and I can say that I like some songs on the album. My favorites would have to be Dah Dah DahDah, Demon Mode, Wicked Freestyle, and Wickman. The album itself, gives "let me throw a kickback at the crib" vibes. Meaning, everyone comes over and they all just chill altogether. Now some people think that all rappers have to rap about the same thing or they all have aggressive tones. However, Nardo Wick doesn't really have the aggressive but he does speak on the same things other rap artists do. I wouldn't say I am a fan of Nardo Wick: however, I can say that his is a vibe. I like the tone his new album sets for his fans. Hopefully, he'll collaborate with other rappers in the game.

Nardo Wick is who I call a newbie in the game. He has not been in the music business for so long, but he did have everyone in a chokehold with Who Want Smoke. Maybe in the mere future we can see more of a variance in his sound. In addition, we want to see his variety of collaborations with Latto, Meg thee Stallion, etc. I like Nardo Wick and I think he is definitely destined for greatness. Me along with other consumers, would hope to see him release more music in the mere future!


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