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G to the L to the O: Big Glo

This brand new rapper has been having the girls in a chokehold. Songs such as F.N.F, and Tomorrow 2 have been rising to the charts! This artist is from Memphis, Tennessee and she is doing her thing! This artist is none other than Glorilla!

Click on the link to listen to F.N.F!

GloRilla was born Gloria Woods on July 28,1999, in Memphis, Tennessee and she is the 8th child out of 10. Her childhood was different than others that we are accustomed to. Woods grew up in church and was homeschooled until she was in the 5th grade. In 2019, she released her first mixtape called Most Likely Up Next. Then in 2020, she released EP P Status. Since her release of F.N.F in April 2022, her career has skyrocketed! Since then, she had released Just Say That and Tomorrow 2. In most recent events at the BET Awards, she had won "Best Breakthrough Hip Hop Artist".

Click on the gif to listen to Tomorrow 2!

In September 2022, GloRilla and Cardi B had released Tomorrow 2, and let me tell you something: this song is a hit! It is so catchy. It is a song that I can listen to while I drive on I-85 on the way to the club in Buckhead! I love how they both collaborated because Cardi B is a heavy hitter when it comes to rapping. Even though Big Glo is just now coming on the scene, I have a feeling that she is going to be a game changer!

As someone who started music 3 years ago, Big Glo definitely has influenced the music business with her sound. As I would say, the girlies are living for her! I would hope to see that one day she collaborates with Latto, J Cole, Lakeyah, Deetranada, and more! Even though, we do not know much about Glorilla as much as we would like to, she is still going to make her mark!


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