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I Never Liked You

For those who have been listening to these new projects and all for the tea these past couple of weeks, you already know that Future has been making so much noise. Future is known for his mumbled vocal range and his contribution to the music industry. According to some, Future is the pioneer of melody usage in trap music. Everyone knows Future as this "toxic" man because of what he has done in the past and how it came about in the media, but we cannot say he did not snap on this album. The album was released on April 29, 2022 and it has gotten a lot of recognition. With this album being out for more than over a month, it's still hot! From what I have seen on Twitter and Instagram, consumers are really feeling what Future has put out on the table! The most popular songs on this album are, WAIT 4 U featuring Tems and Drake, I'M DAT N****, PUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ, LOVE YOU BETTER, LIKE ME, 712PM, and MASSAGING ME. From the distinctive beats, the simplistic ad-libs, the lyrics, AND the features? THIS IS THE ONE! I can honestly say Future did this thing on this album. Listening to each song, it gives me a different vibe. He can be in his feelings or what millennials call men with feelings a "simp" (WAIT 4 U, LOVE YOU BETTER) to a hardcore rap theme (I"M DAT N****, GOLD STACKS, PUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ). Majority of fans love the fact that Future shows his sappy side. However, he constantly reminds fans that he's really THAT GUY! We are here for consistency, but when is there going to be a switch up in his sound? The world may never know. All I know is, I am ready for the next Future album!

Click here to listen to I NEVER LIKED YOU

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