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Little Miss Rico

Let me tell you guys something, who else do you know dresses like Teyana Taylor, but she is not Teyana Taylor? This rapper is known for her fire lyrics, outgoing outfits, and she is also known for switching it up every time. This rapper is none other than Rico Nasty!

Click on the image to listen to Smack A B****!

Rico Nasty was born Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly on May 7, 1997, in Washington, D.C. Growing up, she listened to her father's music. Her father was a rapper before he was incarcerated. Because of her father, Kelly's desire was to be a rapper. At a young age, she was expelled from school for bad behavior. While she was in high school she released her first mixtape, Summer's Eve. After graduating high school, Kelly decided to pursue her music career. Since then, she has gained so much popularity. Kelly collaborated with Lil Yatchy on her project (which is one of my personal favorites) Hey Arnold. After that collaboration, she released more popular projects: Nasty, Anger Management, Nightmare Vacation, Rx, & Las Ruinas. My favorite songs by Rico Nasty would be iCarly, Smack A B****, Sandy, and Dirty.

Click here to listen to Gotsta Get Paid!

In September of 2022, Kelly released Gotsta Get Paid. I love the song because 1. Rico Nasty always goes hard when it comes to her lyrics, 2. she shows so much passion within her music, and 3. She gives a different vibe every time! Rico Nasty is literally my favorite artist because she delivers something different every time. She can give Lisa Lopes, Teyana Taylor, and Janet Jackson in one video! Tune in with Rico Nasty, she never disappoints!

I feel as though Rico Nasty does not get enough recognition because she is provocative like other female rappers out here. She needs her flowers because she is doing her thing and she is staying true to herself. I hope to see more bangers from her soon!


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