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Men have feelings, too.

A new R&B/Soul project, titled; 'Heart Won't Stop' by new artist, Jordan Hawkins.

Now, given the space the genre of true R&B is currently in right now, you'd generally think artist would run out of things to say. Feeling this, feeling that. But, wait. Heart Won't Stop is a body of work for the fellas that embrace their emotions. The mens, Summer Walker if you will, haha. But, seriously though. With records like — 'We Have' or even the project titled record, 'Heart Won't Stop', Jordan is speaking on all the things a man can experience with women.

As for the cover art, it gives you vibes of classic Neo-Soul mixed with a modern touch. The guitar representing his acoustic layer. The bright yellow couch, offsetting the darker toned rug, representing his different emotions reflected in his music. And the perfect amount of greenery to show he means well.

This all being said, fellas, you can embrace those feelings. Embrace that heartbreak, the realization that it may be the right person wrong time, or even over extending in what's supposed to be an even relation. These are all the emotions touched on in this project. wanna find out yourself? Go check out Heart Won't Stop by Jordan Hawkins. Get your healing, king.

Want more?

More than ever, artist are releasing their side of the story to the world. And we want to ensure you hear, because there's something you can always relate to.

More articles are coming :)

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