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MissDemeanor Said So!

Lose Control, The Rain, Get Ur Freak On, One Minute Man, Gossip Folks, and Work are hits by this iconic artist. She has worked with Aaliyah, Timbaland, Ciara, and more. This rapper is a popular singer/songwriter, rapper, and producer. Also, she has written hits for other artists. If you said Missy Elliot, that is right! Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott!

Click on the GIF of Missy Elliott to listen to The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)!

Missy Elliott was born Melissa Arnette Elliott on July 1, 1971, in Portsmouth, VA. She grew up as an only child, and she also moved around frequently because her father was in the Marines. Elliott grew up with an active church choir family, and singing was a part of her routine as a child. However, as a child, she and her mother experienced domestic violence from her father. There was a point in her life where her father dislocated her mother's shoulder, and he pointed a gun is Elliot's face. Due to these hardships at home, Elliot frequently ran away from home. In 1991, she formed a group called Fayze (then renamed Sista) with her friends La'Shawn Spellman, Chonita Coleman, and Radiah Scott. She then recruited Timbaland as a producer and they made demo tapes. Later that year, her tape was in the hands of of DeVante Swing, who was a member of Jodeci. After being noticed by Swing, Sista was signed to Elektra Records. However, no one knows what happened to the group Sista. Since 1991, Missy Elliott has put out numerous projects: Supa Dupa Fly, Da Real World, Miss E... So Addictive, Under Construction, This Is Not a Test, The Cookbook, Respect M.E., and Iconic. In 2011, Elliott talked about her health issues which caused to take a brief hiatus from music for a while. She said to People magazine that she suffered from Graves' disease which is a hyperthyroidism disorder. Regardless of her disorder, she still managed to put out some hits!

Click on the image to listen to her new single Lobby!

On August 18, 2022, Missy Elliott put out a new single called Lobby which features Anitta. This song is cute, which is what the girls would say. It does remind me of Doja Cat because of the sound of it. It's upbeat, pop-like, "get on the dance floor and have fun" kind of vibe! In addition, this song sounds like it would be heard on the radio, a shopping centre, and a local gym. I love how Missy Elliott always switches up her music, and that is why I am a Missy Elliott fan! She knows how to keep her fans intrigued, and we have to give her a bouquet of flowers for that! Lobby reminds me of Beyoncé's song BREAK MY SOUL in that they are both upbeat, and you just want to vibe out and have a good time! This is a song I definitely recommend for my house party people!

As a kid, I was a die-hard Missy Elliott fan! I always wanted her new albums, go to her concerts, and everything! Missy Elliott is iconic and she has put in so much work in the rap game. I really think she, along with other African-American women who are rappers, have paved the way for current day female rappers. She has influenced so many people, and we love that for her. I hope that one day she collaborates with current day singers and rappers. Stay tuned for more MissDemeanor!




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