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I'M BACK! Yes it has been a while since I have put out a piece, but today changes all of that! You all might be familiar with this rapper because of his red braids and his songs Broccoli, Minnesota, Ice Tray, Coffin, Yacht Club, One Night, and Mixtape. He is also known for his role in How High 2 as Roger Silas. This rapper is none other than Lil Yachty!

Click on the image to listen to Broccoli!

Lil Yachty was born Miles Park McCollum on August 23,1997, in Mabelton, Georgia. McCollum does not really discuss his life growing up prior to the fame. However, what we do know is that he went to Alabama State University, but he dropped out to pursue his music career. McCollum moved from Atlanta to New York City to start his career. He stayed in New York City to build connections with others to give him a boost.

In 2015, McCollum came on to the scene with his single One Night. In 2016, (which was an iconic year) he collaborated with DRAM on their popular single together called Broccoli! When I tell you guys that this single had me in a chokehold when I was in high school?! It did! Within the same year, McCollum has signed a joint venture record deal with Quality Control Music, Capitol Records, and Motown Records. Since his debut, Lil Yachty has released popular projects:Teenage Emotions, Lil Boat 2, Nuthin' 2 Prove, Lil Boat 3, Let's Start Here.

Click on the GIF to hear Lil Yachty's new album Let's Start Here!

On January 27.2023, Lil Yachty released an album called Let's Start Here! Overall, I think the album is great. It is different from what Lil Yachty has done before in his previous projects. You can see the growth within what he writes because this album contains more ballads. I can say that Lil Yachty did his thing with this album because he came back with something different instead of the same sound. I recommend this album for anyone who likes ballads. It reminds me of the Beatles and Kurt Cobain put together.

Since Lil Yachty has been under the radar for a while and then he came back with Let's Start Here. Sometimes as an artist, a hiatus is needed because maybe there needs to be a difference within what one delivers to their fans. I feel as though Lil Yachty needs more recognition and I hope he gets that soon!


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