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Tems is of the Essence

This Nigerian artist is known for songs such as Essence, Free Mind, and WAIT 4 U. She has been rising to the charts in 2018 and I can tell everyone that is reading this, that Tems has so much talent! Here is the scoop on what Tems has going on right now!

Click on the image to listen to Essence!

Tems was born as Temilade Openiyi on July 11, 1995 in Lagos, Nigeria to British-Nigerian father and a Nigerian mother. After she was born, her family along with herself moved to the United Kingdom. However, her life in the UK was short lived because her parents divorced when she was 5 years old. After the divorce of her parents, she along with her mother and brother moved back to Nigeria. Tems attended college in South Africa to pursue her tertiary education, and that is when she was noticed for her singing abilities. While she was in college, she was working a regular nine to five. In 2018, Tems decided to quit her job and ending up being self-taught in production. In July that same year, she released her single Mr Rebel, which is a song that she had produced on her own thanks to Youtube University. Since her career was coming up slowly, in 2020, she collaborated with another Nigerian singer Davido to rework Khalid's song Know Your Worth. Since then she had released another project called For Broken Ears. Tems was featured on songs with Drake (Fountains), Future (WAIT 4 U) and WizKid (Essence). All of the songs I just named? All bangers!

Click on the image to listen to Interference!

In July 2022, Tems had released a single called Interference and I love the vibe she gives when she sings it. Maybe it is just me, but Tems has such a soothing voice when she sings. The song is such a chill song, like you can play it when you're sitting outside looking the stars and naming constellations. As a fan of Tems, I can say she did her big one with this one! I highly recommend anyone that is into soft songs to add this to their "chill vibes" playlist.

As someone who loves soft music, Tems does it for me every time! From when she sang on Tiny Desk to her live performances, she ALWAYS has me in a chokehold. I hope she collaborates with other R&B artists. I even hope she makes a song for the girlies, like Roscoe Dash No Hands type of vibe. I love Tems, and I am excited to see her growth as an artist.


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