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Tha Super Gremlin

From his greatest hits to the shade he throws on social media, this rapper is a mogul in the African American community. He is known from popular songs such as Like Dat, Super Gremlin, No Flocking', Tunnel Vision, & Roll In Peace. This rapper is none other than the healthy kid, Kodak Black.

Click on the GIF to listen to Roll In Peace featuring XXXTentacion!

Kodak Black was born Dieuson Octave (now Bill Kahnan Kapri) on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida. He was born to an Haitian immigrant mother and an absent father that he does not speak about. Growing up, music has always been something that Kapri wanted to pursue. However, he did not take music seriously until 2009 when he joined a group called Brutal Younganz at the age of 12 under the name J Black. Furthermore, Kapri did not disclose what happened with Brutal Younganz, but we do know that he joined another group called the Kolyons. In 2013, he released his first mixtape Project Baby, and he then followed that up with Heart of the Projects and Institution. Kapri gained popularity when Drake posted a video on social media dancing to Kapri's single Skrt. Around the same time, he signed with Atlantic Records. In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Kapri discusses his music residency change, his relationships, and more!

After gaining popularity, Kapri has released popular projects: Lil Big Pac, Painting Pictures, Project Baby 2: All Grown Up, F.E.M.A, Heart Break Kodak, Dying to Live, Bill Israel, Haitian Boy Kodak, and Back For Everything. My favorite projects from Kodak would be Institution and F.E.M.A. His sounds on both of these differ and that is why I am all for Kodak!

Click on the image of Kodak Black to listen to his new album KuttThroat Bill: Vol 1.

Kapri had released his album KuttThroat Bill: Vol 1. I can say that I like the album because all the singles are different. You can have hardcore Kodak, the laidback Kodak, or the soft Kodak. My favorite songs on this album are Kodak The Boss, Kuttthroat Barbie, Game From Pluto, & Demand My Respect. I think Kodak definitely did his big one with this album because he never disappoints when it comes to changing his sounds. Irregardless of him being shady, he is still a great rapper!

In my opinion, I think Kodak brings something different to the table because he is a great rapper. He definitely brings the Florida energy to the table and me along with other fans cannot wait to see what else he brings to the rap game!


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