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Thanks to Drake, EDM is back in town!

What is EDM and how is it making its way back into the music scene? As we all might have noticed, Drake has dropped a new album called "HONESTLY, NEVERMIND". I'm going to be honest, this album has brought back so many flashbacks. I Hearing EDM makes me think of house parties, raves, and even nightclubs. EDM is a genre of music, in my opinion, that makes you dance randomly like Carly and Sam in iCarly. Listening to this album, majority of these songs, give off that Jersey bounce/TikTok hip dance trend. I really think this is going to be apart of my gym playlist too, and if I end up doing that TikTok hip dance trend, oh well.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Aubrey Drake Graham, he has been influential in

popular music today. The Certified Lover Boy started his career from a show that aired back in 2001 until 2009 as a paraplegic character named Jimmy Brooks. While filming Degrassi, the superstar released his first official mixtape called Room for Improvement in 2006. Now the album that really sparked conversation about Drake, was So Far Gone. The album had popular songs such as Best I Ever Had and Successful featuring Trey Songz, had peaked some interest in a lot of fans due to this sensual side that Drake uncovered. We have to do a Drake stan because he always delivers. The songs, the visuals, just everything as a whole is in 10 and this is because he is a visionary! From Thank Me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was the Same, If You're Reading This It's Too Late, More Life, and more, Drake always sets the expectations so high. From what the girls would say, he would eat and leave no crumbs! Drake never disappoints with his music because the newest album always brings a different aesthetic every time!

With Drake just releasing Honestly, Never Mind that contains 14 songs in less than 24 hours, there has already been quite a few conversations about why Drake put out this album. Some listeners felt like Drake should have kept this album to himself, while others think that this is a new side of Drake that they were rooting for. If you're on Twitter and you are African-American; then you already know that Black Twitter had a lot to say. However for consumers, if you looked on the description box below whichever platform that you are using, it will show why Drake released this album. Drake dedicated this album to his friend Virgil Abloh, the fashion designer who passed away a year ago from cardiac angiosarcoma. For myself, I think this album is a vibe. I feel as though if I was to drink 3 bottomless mimosas, I will start playing this album on Apple Music with no hesitation. Drake brought a smooth aesthetic to dance, vibe, and shake your hips to instead of trying to be involved in a sensual entanglement.

All in all, we have to give Drake his flowers because music is a category that he thrives in. Although there will be some naysayers, the Canadian rapper is still going to strive for greatness. Drake is literally another icon on the list along with Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Nas, and more. He is setting the tone for summer of 2022 and i already know that songs from this newly released album.


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