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The Divine

Being a part of the LBGTQIA+ can be challenging when it comes to any aspect of this thing we call life. This artist is making a path for people within that community. Not only does he do music, he also films, videographs, and photographs. As far as music goes, he is a writer, and a producer. He does it all! This artist goes by Bvndo Bill!

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Growing up, music is all that Bill has been around. He shares, "Life and my aunt, who was more of a big sister, influenced me to do music honestly, outside the normal growing up in the church choir. I really just took to music as an escape/disassociate from things that did not make me feel good. Music did just that, and watching my aunt who could sing her ass off as I grew up, music is some safe place." Bill has 2 songs that you can vibe to for sure which are Pg2 & Hide N Seek. Whether it is just you just sitting at the park, or you just vibing with your boo, Bill's the GO TO! But where does the name Bvndo Bill originate from? Bill says, "Funny you ask. Bvndo Bill is actually my producer name given to me by my homie ELDV. But it stuck with me, so I felt it was right to rebrand from Billy Hendrixx to Bvndo Bill. Bvndo Bill is a chill, smooth, multifaceted energy that brings that grunge but lover boy vibe". Yessss Bill, I am here for the lover boy era!

For those who support Bvndo Bill, know that Bill is actually a transmale. I was curious to see what his life was like pre and post T. It was nice for him to share something like this with me because not a lot of people are open about them transitioning like he was. "To be honest, my life pre & post T has not been too much of a big change as of yet. I just hit my one year on T a few weeks ago so I still have a long way to go. But I will say, that personally I'm just more of myself now. I feel whole. I'm happy with who I am whereas before it was like ehh, am I really okay looking in the mirror now feeling like I am not seeing the person that I am on the inside?" You got my support Bill, and I am rooting for you and your journey!

Balancing music and being a regular human being can have obstacles. With Bill, it seems like he has down for sure. "Right now, yes I do feel like I have a set balance with music and my personal life. Before? Oh no. It was very challenging trying to find time when I had to balance music and working 10-12 hour shifts 5-6 days a week, and operate my business on the side. But somehow, it all managed to fall into place." However, being a musician has its challenges as well. "Some challenges I've faced in my music career have been just being confident in my sound. Trying to liberate myself without succumbing to the idea of what everyone else thinks I should or should not sound like. Voice changes and really just not giving up, because it can be tough finding a balance in life with chasing your dreams."

I highly enjoy Pg2, it had a Summer Walker aesthetic, but it's Billy. "PG2 was definitely inspired by Summer Walker, but I will be taking a turn on the next projecy with a different sound, and energy". But let's talk about new projects! Bill hasn't released any music yet. However, if you were at the TMG Takeover concert, he performed some unreleased music. Billy gives the girlies the tea on what's to come as far as his music goes! "I do have a project dropping soon. It is an EP titled Demon Time".

Outside of music, he is a photographer/cinematographer. He has a photo/film business called Silex Studios, and he even dips onto the graphic designing aspect from time to time. We support black businesses! The advice he gives to those who are just starting their careers within music is "KEEP GOING! There are so many different avenues in the music industry so I would also say learn as much as you can, and explore the business as a whole. But most importantly , stay true to yourself!"

Meeting Billy, you can tell he is all about his craft! Give that man his flowers, he deserves them! Stay up to date with Bvndo Bill, by following him on social media! Stay tuned because the heat is coming!


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