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There's a rumble on the Nawfside.

Who has been making so much noise on the Nawf - and I don't mean the sounds of guns blazing. An artist that has been marking his territory and he's making his name known in the underground world, is none other than Guapo Banks. Coming from Atlanta, Guapo Banks' music provides some fire lyrics, a top tier beat, and wild visuals. One thing we know about Guapo, he's always going to get comfortable before dropping a verse or 2. However, after he drops the verse, it's straight HEAT!

Growing up in Atlanta, Guapo's passion has been music for as long as he can remember. I spoke to Guapo Banks and I was just wanting to know as to why he snaps in every song, he expresses "My dad used to take me to studio as a kid and it rubbed off on me." With Guapo being a father himself, he is doing all that he is supposed to do as a dad and he's doing great juggling both artist and father. When I first listened to his song "4Seasons" I knew he had something to offer the Nawfside artistically. The Nawfside native also released other songs such as, No Hook pt. 2, Trippin, and Weekly has me ready to roll a fat one, just head nod, and drive 100 on a 70 the whole time. His music is the type that would be played in hookah lounges or at a nightclub. Guapo states as well that, "Music gives me a high. When I make music, it gives me an outer body feeling that I cannot describe in words."

Currently, he working on releasing another song for the summer. However, he did not disclose the name of it. I already know that it is going to have the Nawf in a chokehold. I'm going to have to roll up another fat J because I am ready for him to drop more music. For those out there who are not familiar with Guapo Banks, tune in. He is a rapper on the rise!

Guapo is a rapper on the rise and this is all because he put in the work and dedication into this. Nowadays, we want to see people in the black community support each other in whichever aspect in life. This rapper is setting the tone for himself and he is proving it within his music. His music is such a vibe and it just makes you feel gangsta. Before you play any of his songs, chill, sit, and enjoy the ride!


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