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Toosii's Love Cycle

Balancing parenthood and being an artist seems like it is so difficult. However, this artist makes it look so easy. This Southern native has singles that are popular such as Love Cycle, Red Lights, Poetic Pain, and Sapiosexual. This artist is none other than Toosii!

The brand new father one has been in love with being a dad and he is still making time to put out music!

Click on this image to listen to Love Cycle!

Toosii was born Nau'Jour Grainger on January 9,2000 in Syracuse, New York. However, he relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina at the age of 17. North Carolina was where he started his musical career. As a child, rap was an escape route for him during his rough upbringing. When he was 16, he pursued sports and music. During his teenage years, he was trying to figure out where life was going to take him. In 2019, Toosii was discovered and signed to the South Coast Music Group. Throughout his life, Grainger was inspired to try music because of his father and brother and spent a period of time homeless before his career before his career took off. Red Lights was his debut of his career in 2019, which got millions of streams. After his debut in 2019, he released his mixtape Who Dat, which was followed by Platinum Heart which has 13 tracks on it. In 2020, Grainger released Poetic Pain which was his first project on Capitol Records. Since then, he released numerous projects: Love Cycle (which is my favorite song because Summer Walker is in it) and Thank You for Believing. As an artist, Toosii is in the hip hop/trap/R&B category. Overall, Toosii's music will have you sliding down a wall crying and I love it!

Click on this gif to listen to Lonely!

On August 12, Toosii released his new single Lonely. I like the "sad boy" energy he gave in that song. He definitely showed men in this generation that it is okay to be a man who is in tune with his feelings. This song reminds me of Rod Wave's new album. This song would definitely be a good fit if you are going through a bad breakup or you miss your favorite person. This definitely gets a 10/10 for me because Toosii signed, sealed, and delivered this song! I love this side of Toosii and I hope to see more of this side of him!

All in all, Toosii is a great artist and father. When he is not busy recording a song in the studio or performing live, he is being a great father to his son! We love a man who does both! I really want to see him do a single with Rod Wave because they both are in tune with their emotions. I feel as though if they did a song together, it would be colassal! Stay tuned for more!


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