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2022, it's a wrap!

As 2022 comes to an end, let's look back on all the music that was released this year! However, before we get into it, we can say there were some great projects that were released and then there were some that were a bit questionable. Without further ado, let's get into the year and let me give you all my opinion of the best albums that were released.

Throughout this year, the top 3 albums/ mixtapes that I loved in the category of hip-hop/rap are: Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers, I Never Liked You, D-Day: A Gangsta Grill Mixtape. The one thing I like about these albums were the rawness of it, especially Kendrick Lamar's album Mr, Morale and the Big Steppers. I say this album had me in chokehold is because of the sense of relatability that it brought. Also, not only was it relatable for me, but for others in the African American community. Future's album was raw too because for those who know, know that Future is not ashamed for the things that he does. His album is a vibe even though I do not condone toxicity.

On another note, even though majority of the pieces that I have written were about hip-hop/rap artists, but I want to take a different route on this. I want to discuss the R&B category. Can we talk about how Summer Walker, SZA, Kehlani, Beyonce, and Chris Brown had the girlies in a chokehold? Still Over It, S.O.S, blue water road, Renaissance, and Breezy was the epitome of R&B in 2022! Summer Walker, SZA, and Kehlani had the girls in trance because of the songs they released on their projects. I feel as though that they all had helped us get through a break up or through a very hard time in life in general, especially Summer Walker. As far as Beyonce? She literally brought back house music again. It reminds me of House Party with Kid n' Play and I was HERE FOR IT! Lastly, Chris Brown? With Breezy, he brought sensuality and it touches the sensual side for both genders and I was here for it. Chris Brown always does his big one, so we all know that he is going to do great in 2023!

To finish this year off, let's use this as a way to reflect on not only ourselves as individuals, but also set some great goals as well. Think about what are some ways that you can succeed, grow, and excel in 2023! From the branNEWmedia team, we wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!


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