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The Baddest B****

From the streets of the 305 aka Miami-Dade County to the popular town in Hollywood, this female rapper has had the world in a whirlwind with her music. For the real fans, you know her with her collaboration with Trick Daddy aka TnT. This rapper is none other than the BADDEST, Trina!

Click on the image of Trina to listen to B*tch From Da Souf remix

Trina was born Katrina Laverne Taylor on December 3, 1978, in Miami, Florida. Growing up, Taylor does not really disclose the ins and outs of her childhood. However, what we do know is that before she pursued music, she wanted to be a real estate agent. More of her life was displayed on the reality show, Love and Hip Hop: Miami. For those who do not know, Trina is the distant cousin of Bobby Lytes (another artist) on her father's side of the family. During her music career, she experienced the loss of her mother to cancer and the tragic deaths of her brother and niece to gun violence.

Her music career started in 1998, when Trick Daddy asked her to feature on his track Nann N**** and the song was number 62 on US Billboard Hot 100 & no. 3 on the Rap Songs chart. Since her breakthrough she had released so many popular projects: Da Baddest B****, Diamond Princess, Glamorest Life, Still Da Baddest, Amazin', Long Heels Red Bottoms, & The One. The first time I listened to Trina was when she in a video with Trick Daddy called Take It To da House and that was a banger!

Click on the gif to listen to Insecure!

In November of this year, Trina released a single with Candaice called Insecure. This is different for some people that are just now listening to Trina. However, it reminds me of when she released the song Paradise and she had some fire lyrics to go with it. I think this song is cute for the girls that are in their feelings about some things. I like it, but I probably would not add this to my playlist.

Overall, Trina is a great artist she has put so many people on the map when it comes to the rap game because her along with other black female rappers have paved the way AND made a statement for those that are new to the game.


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