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The Originator of Turn Up

This artist is known as the "originator of turn up" He is the one who started the mohawk trend for the millenials back in the early 2000s. He is also one of my favorite artists of all time! This artist is none other than R-O-S-C-O-E, Roscoe Dash!

Click on the link to listen to All The Way Turnt Up!

Roscoe Dash was born Jeffrey Lee Johnson Jr. on April 2, 1990, in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is the youngest of 2, he has an older brother. Johnson started rapping at the age of 12, after his older brother introduced him to the genre of hip-hop. During my interview with Johnson, he expressed, "Music is what influenced me, good music at that. I grew up listening to Brian McKnight, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, and people like that. Taking that and transitioning from a person who can appreciate good music to a person that can actually make it, being a student in the game first, that's how I got into it." Throughout his high school years, he and his brother formed a rap group called Black Out Boiz. However, ATL would leave the group, and eventually the group disbanded. Johnson then sought out a new identity, and he had chosen a name that was an attention grabber, and that chosen name was Roscoe Dash. In 2010, Johnson released All The Way Turnt Up (one of my favorite songs) with Travis Porter. Later that year, he was signed to Interscope Records. Within greatness following with the Atlanta based artist, he released No Hands with Waka Flocka which definitely had me and other girls in a chokehold. In 2011, he released his EP called J.U.I.C.E. Johnson was featured on another popular song, Marvin & Chardonnay. Since then, he has released: Catch A Body, which is currently on his Dash Effect 2 album and Glitch.

Click on this photo to listen to No Hands!

In most recent events, I had the opportunity of meeting Roscoe Dash myself. When I say he is literally the most laid back person ever, he really is! His most recent single is Yes I Can which was released in 2021. However, I can say this song is something that the girlies like. It's going to make the girls shake it like a salt shaker. During my interview with Roscoe, he did give me an inside scoop on his upcoming project! At the moment, he is working on putting together Demolition 2022! Demolition 2022 is the sequel to his old project Demolition 2020. We know that R-O-S-C-O-E is on a comeback! In addition, he is coming out with the After Party which is strictly for the ladies! The girls are probably wondering what is going to be on the After Party album, we are just going to have to wait and see!

As an artist, Roscoe Dash has grown so much since then. While taking the time to get to know him, he definitely is about his craft. From his interview to our small conversations, there is a lot of passion within him. Listening on what he has disclosed to me, I can tell that this man's comeback is going to be EPIC! We have to give Roscoe his flowers because he is had the world in a chokehold with No Hands, Marvin & Chardonnay, and All The Way Turnt Up. I along with others cannot wait to see what is in store for him!

Also, in the meantime, check out my in-person interview with him on branNEWmedia's instagram page!


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