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Big Girl Energy: Latto Style

Big Energy, 777, B*tch from Da Souf, See Sum, Like A Thug, Sunshine... do these songs sound familiar? I would hope because it is by Atlanta's own, Mulatto or Big Latto. Everyone in Atlanta knows that Latto is from Clayton County aka the Soufside. Latto is known for songs such as ATL H**, Thot Box, Muwop, Longway, and Soufside. The Atlanta native is known for her lavish rapping skills along with switching up her sound. As the girls say, Latto is TEA!

Click on this image below to listen to Latto's 777 album!

Born as Alyssa Michelle Stephens on December 22, 1998 in Columbus, Ohio. However, when Stephens was 2 years old, she moved to Clayton County in Atlanta, Georgia. Her rap name is Mulatto because her father is African-American and her mother is Caucasian. Growing up, Stephens disclosed that she was being bullied for being "light-skinned" which inspired her to adopt the rap name "Miss Mulatto" because of the "mulatto" race classification. When she was 10 years old, she began rapping and wrote her own raps. In 2016, Stephens won the Rap Game competition, however she turned down the contract from Jermaine Dupri because she felt as though it wasn't enough money for her. Since then, she has being making it known that Mulatto is the one who is going to change the game! She has released several projects such as Queen of da Souf which peaked at number 44 on Billboard 200.

Click on the gif to listen to Mind Yo Business!

This past May, Latto had released a song with Anne-Marie and NEIKED called I Just Called. I honestly like this song because it sounds like it would be played in a shopping centre. The energy it gives is like jovial, upbeat, overall positive. It reminds me of K-Pop, but I like it because it shows how Mulatto is willing to collaborate with other artists outside of rap to expose herself to other genres of music. However, Mulatto has shown the world another talent; my girl can sing! If you take a listen to Like A Thug on her 777 album. Mulatto is really a rapper that snaps every time!

Mulatto, Big Latto, to be precise is really the epitome of a talented female artist. She is in the category of a great artist along with Foxy Brown, Remy Ma, Lil Kim, Da Brat, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Salt N' Pepa, and Roxanne Shante! I can tell that Latto puts in 100% into all of her music and she executes hits! Her music really shows how seriously she takes her career. I hope to see more collaborations with artists, Hopefully, with Remy MA or any other female rapper.


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