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The Floridian Heartthrob

This R&B singer sure knows how to make the girls wild with the way he sings. Coming from Florida to Georgia, definitely opened up his connections in some aspects. From his aesthetic, to the way he delivers a message within a song, to the music videos, he is one you cannot miss! Who does not enjoy an artist that can sing? For me, he is a lightskinned Bryson Tiller. This singer goes by the name of Roe Xander!

Click on the image to listen to 10 Toes Down!

Roe Xander is from Jacksonville, Florida which somewhat close, but far from Atlanta, Georgia! After having the pleasure of interviewing Roe myself, he did provide some interesting information about himself. Before he was a singer, he was a rapper. He takes his lyrics pretty seriously, because lyrics do make a song interesting. In addition, he is a firm believer in that his lyrics have to make sense! The kind of music he makes? It really does make someone want to slide down a wall, and cry. On the other hand, he has songs that makes a woman feel like she's THEE material gworl. You would think with what he writes about he's gone through so many heartbreaks. However, there are just some songs that people write just to create a sense of relatability.

Click on the image to listen to Ain't Gon Cap!

Speaking of relatability, the Floridian heartthrob released a single earlier this month called Ain't Gon Cap! If you listen to some of the lyrics closely, he talks about wearing his heart on his sleeve. The sense of relatability in that is surreal because majority of people the live in this world, do wear their hearts on their sleeves. According to Roe, ""I experience life, and I write about it." We love that for him! At this point, Bryson Tiller and Tank who?! But what does Roe Xander do outside of music? "Marketing, and that's really it for the most part. Other than that, I kick it with my homies. When I'm not doing that, I'll play video games from time to time because most of my homeboys in Jacksonville, instead of getting on the phone, we just hop on the game. Other than that, it's music on my free time."

Click play to listen to No Occasion!

So what's next? Roe throughly explains how he has performances coming up in London! Don't play with him because he is catching flights, not feelings! Here's what his goal is, "Next year, after this London situation, I would like to be performing at least 3 times a quarter of the year. I want to get back into performing... I want to show them that I'm one of them ones". Roe is top 2, but not 2! From experiencing Roe Xander first hand, I feel as though he would be a fan favorite. I feel this way because sometimes those are mainstream artists, are not as good as the artists that are putting in the work. As for Roe, I think he is going to make it big. Not only can he sing/rap, he is really a lyricist, because like I said, great lyrics make a great song! Keep up with Roe Xander on social media, his social media will be linked underneath the sources, and stay tuned for what he has to offer next!


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