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Big Mon Tings!

This rapper/lyricist is the DEFINITION of someone who puts their FOOT into their craft. His word play is out of this world! Have you ever watched those battle rappers on YouTube or the cyphers on 106 & Park? Yeah, this guy? would demolish all of them. This artist did go by Hank Sinatra, but now? He goes by Henriq!

Henriq gives dope rapper and hardcore lyricist, but then he switches the sound up for the African/Caribbean gyals! He has a single called My Shawty and it is a vibe! If you know, then you know! However, let's get into the tea about who Henriq is and what he's about!

Click on the image to listen to My Shawty!

Henriq is an artist from up north, you can tell by the gruff demeanor he has when he raps. Growing up, music somewhat common within his family, and that influenced Henriq. "Honestly I'd say, most likely came from my dad. He's a musician. So that's why it originally started. Then, eventually it just became something that I fell in love with on my own." Growing up in a Liberian/Caribbean household, that's how he got in tune with African/caribbean music. But is he on the verge of setting the tone for Liberians born Americans making music in the diaspora? "Honestly, me being Liberian and also part Bajan, definitely influences the way I approach music. But as far as setting the tone? I don't know. I guess it depends on what the fans gravitate to the most because outside of African/Caribbean music, I also do hip-hop and R&B. I think they'll definitely dig me as a whole, so we'll see." Henriq was also an artist that had partaken in performing at TMG Takeover. He had performed a couple of singles, in which one is unreleased. The singles were My Shawty, Ayo, and Messy featuring TMG's CEO Tashawnmusic. Messy was a vibe, definitely a song that I would play at a party! But what's next for Henriq? He does give insight on what he's working on right now! "Right now, I'm just recording. However, I do have an EP that is in the works, and I also have an album that I'm working on as well. Definitely some bodies of work is on the way".

Click play to watch Henriq's 11:11 Freestyle!

Being an artist can affect one's mental health in a drastic way. Drastic in that there is a difficulty of finding a balance. However, every artist in the music business has their own ways of handling their own. How does Henriq do it? "I would say my mental health is at a 10 because I know what to give my energy to. I have a good understanding of myself so I don't give my energy to anything undeserving. So that keeps me level headed and balanced. And of course, you know the people I love keep me balanced as well". We love a healthy balance and we love the positive reinforcement!

Click on the image to listen to CC!

So you know how rappers have a life besides music? They could be parents, hoopers, content creators, etc., But who's Henriq? What makes him interesting? "Outside of music, I'm a father for one and forever. I have a beautiful daughter, she's 5. I'm a brother, I'm a cousin, for the most part. I'm a visionary. I bring that to the music. I see things for what it is and I feel like I'm very in tune with the world and things around me. All of that helped me become the artist that I am for sure." I'm here for the optimism. But what's the secret to balance parenthood and music? It's difficult for some, and others make it look simple. For Henriq, he manages it pretty well. "I feel like it pushes me to be more creative. I definitely get a lot of inspiration from my daughter. I understand that I'm not doing this for me, not that I was before, because overall I make music to inspire, enlighten and move the world". We love that!

Click on the image to listen to Gone!

So now that we know all of this, there are some people in the business who would say they wished they changed some things, or they regret some things. On the contrary, there are those who do not regret anything because they believe in the saying "Things happen for a reason", For Henriq, he wouldn't change a thing. To those who are want to do music, here's some advice: "Be authentic. As long as you're being authentic and being original, you're always going to be able to be relative. We're all one in the same, we all go through the same experiences in life. So as long as you're being original and being yourself, you can last. This industry is an open door so you must be authentic and patient. Don't try to go with the flow".

One thing that I can say about Henriq, there is passion behind his music. He has so much to bring to the table, and to me? That goes unnoticed! The fact that he switches it up every time? He's eating! Keep up with Henriq for his upcoming projects and performances because I assure you, he never disappoints!


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