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DaBigBaby on the Mic!

So this might be the last person you would want to see on here, but she's been making noise. She was on Blue Girls Club, Baddies South, Baddies West, South Central Baddies, Crazy in Love, and Ultimate Tag. She is also popular for her athleticism I mean duh, she played football. However, you also might be familiar with her due to her tumultuous relationship with fellow rapper Blueface, she's none other than Chrisean Malone or as we know her as Chrisean Rock!

Click on the image of Chrisean to listen to Vibe!

ChriseanRock, born Chrisean Malone was born in Baltimore, Maryland on March 14, 2000. She has 11 siblings and out of the 11, she is the youngest. In her interview with The ShadeRoom, she discusses her childhood, her relationship with her parents, and her relationship with Blueface. She first came about when she was on Ultimate Tag, but she did not gain recognition until she was on Blue Girls Club. The gag is, she became the "missing tooth bandit" because of her losing her tooth on Blue Girls Club. I was not too familiar with Chrisean until I heard about their relationship was on The ShadeRoom's Instagram page. Malone starred in Baddies South, and that was when some people found out that she is an artist. She first showed her song Rainy Days which talks about what she has been through from her childhood, her relationship with Blueface, and her mental well being. Along with that, she released Vibe. I can say that I like the song, it gives "I'll play this in the club" kind of vibe. Until this present day, some are watching her show with Blueface called Crazy In Love which displays the dynamic of their relationship. In addition, the show also dips into her personal life.

Click on the GIF to listen to Lit!

Last month, Malone released a single called Lit. I can say that I like the visuals, but the song is not so hot. I mean I think Chrisean as a person, I think she is lit. However, that single is not lit whatsoever. There are some parts of the song that I actually enjoy, but I just cannot get lit to the song. I think her best songs so far are Vibe and Rainy Days. Overall, I think Chrisean can come a little bit harder when it comes to her music.

As an artist, I think Chrisean has so much potential. I feel as though since she's in a relationship with Blueface, she's forgetting her purpose. However, it is sad how she is portrayed in such a negative that people look at her like she is a problem. I hope she decides to do better not only for her personal life, but for her music too.


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