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El Lobo

This singer has the capability to be something great. From his smooth runs to the retro/vintage aesthetic that he adds within his music, he adds something different to the music game. Who else do you know does retro 80s music in 2023?! This guy does! It's like he's bringing back Zapp & Roger, but solo. This vibeful artist goes by Wolfchulo!

Click on the image to listen to Chapters on Redwine!

Listening to Wolfchulo's music, it is so vibeful. His music makes me want to turn on my LED lights in my room, lay on my bed upside down, and just chill. What makes him so intriguing is that he dips into different sounds. According to his instagram, he has an 80s EP in the works! He definitely gives Zapp & Roger with this one!

Click on the link to listen to Naked!

His motivation to start his music career came from his friend Marri G. Growing up with a complicated childhood, Wolf puts his soul into his music. He states, "Dealing with emotions and slapping it into my music takes a good minute, especially since I am a perfectionist who beats himself up half the time". Growing up with a love for retro music, he wishes that if Michael Jackson and James Brown were still alive, he would collaborate with either or! The name Wolfchulo originated from his friend not being able to find his Instagram name which was "21wolfstreet" at first. He states, "The name Wolfchulo came from a few girls calling me papi chulo. So I replaced papi for wolf, and made it one word." For those who follow Wolf on social media, you notice how he had left a snippet of this 80s EP that he is working on. I was curious to see as to why Wolf chose the Zapp and Rogers aesthetic, and this is what he had to say: "Synth waves got a hold on me. I've always loved that retro sound. Michael Jackson definitely put that in my head, as well as Prince, and others. I like to move to music so I want to be able to make others move to my s***, and 80s sounds make that happen". His love for music gives him the power to keep pushing more music out for his supporters to hear. He feels witth the lack of talent nowdays pushes him to grind harder and shows that he's HIM!

The challenges that he faces since he started his music career, is doubt, negativity, and downplays. He expresses, "People wanting me to change my sound, dumb certain things down, lack of support here and there."

Click on the image to listen to Emotions!

Outside of music, Wolf is a premature, Libra that is ready for new things, creative processes. He is also an author, he writes sci-fi/fantasy books! He also enjoys dancing, book writing, open world gaming, and collecting reptiles.

On the 31st of March, I had the pleasure of hosting my first concert for Tashawnmusic's label called Timeless Groove. After meeting Wolf, I can say that he is very creative. I have never met anyone who dips into retro music. Tune in with Wolfchulo, he never disappoints!


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