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Gold Teeth with a Southern Twang

Who has gold teeth and is always talking about new cars and a cup full of purple? Pretty much every rapper, but who has the southern twang when he raps? If you said MoneyBagg Yo, you're absolutely right! Moneybagg Yo has songs such as Wockesha, All of a Sudden, Dior, Bigg Facts, 1,2,3, and Protect da Brand. Mostly people recognize the Southern rapper because of his relationship with the mother G Herbo's son Yoshon, Ari Fletcher. However, Moneybagg has had more recognition before she came into the picture. This rapper also dated Meg the Stallion, but the couple parted ways in 2019. In addition, Moneybagg is Muslim and Kevin Gates inspired him to convert his religion. Due to him converting to Islam, he quit drinking lean to show a sense of self-discipline.

Click on the image to listen to Wockesha!

Born as DeMario DeWayne White in Southern Memphis, Tennessee on September 22 1991. He does not really disclose much about his personal life but he is very much open about the family that he has created of his own. White is a father of 8, 4 sons and 4 daughters and he dedicates all his hard work to his children. The Southern rapper debuted in 2012 with From Da Block 2 Da Booth and October 20th. After a few years in the music industry, White has collaborated with artists such as Migos, Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, and more! He released albums such as A Gangsta's Pain, Heartless, Time Served, 2 Heartless, Federal 3X, and more! Moneybagg Yo has been at the top of his game and his music always has me ready to turn up at the club!

Click on the gif to listen to See Wat I'm Sayin!

Recently, White has put out a song called See Wat I'm Sayin and I'm going to be honest, it is a vibe. It is a song that I can listen to while I'm running on the treadmill. In addition, it is a song that I can get lit to at the club in Buckhead. I would look like MoneyBagg Yo in the gif above. I think this song is what the men nowadays would say "hard." Meaning the lyrics, the beats, and all of that was great! Furthermore, this song is also great to just jam to while you're doing homework or anything really. Moneybagg Yo as an artist brings something different to the music business. From his persona to the Southern twang he adds in his music, he brings amazement every time!

Moneybagg Yo definitely has my support as a fan because he always delivers greatness. I support Moneybagg Yo because not only is he a great artist, he is what every woman dreams of. If you keep up with his social media platforms, you'll see how he is a romantic man. He is pretty much the ideal man that a woman wants. It's the southern hospitality for me! Moreover, I hope to see a softer side of Moneybagg Yo only because I want to see if he can switch up the gangsta aesthetic that he gives off. Overall, we just support the Memphis rapper and I cannot wait to see the new music he comes out with!


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