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Icy Gang or Don't Hang

Who else likes a man who is rich and makes 8 figures? This icy girl does! This rapper is the niece of Mc Hammer and the first cousin of Gabrielle Union. She is also known for her relationship with Migos rapper Quavo. She is popular for her songs such as Tap In, Bestfriend, My Type, Good Good, and Icy Girl. This rapper is none other than the Icy Girl, Saweetie.

Click on the gif to listen to My Type!

Saweetie was born Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper on July 2, 1993, in Santa Clara, California. She grew up with Filipino, Chinese, and African-American heritage. While she was in high school, Harper began writing music at the age of 13. She then attended San Diego University where she studied communications and business until she transferred to University of Southern California, where she got her degree in communications. After graduating college, she decided to take her music career seriously. Harper began posting rap videos on social media and she even remixed a song and called it Icy Girl. She released the song over Soundcloud in 2017, and then the video to Icy Girl went viral on YouTube with 0ver a million views. In 2018, she was named Tidal's Artist of the Week. Since then, Harper has gained popularity because of her music. When I first heard of Saweetie, was when she released My Type. Since then I have been a fan! She has released popular albums that people are all for: Icy, Pretty B**** Music, and THE SINGLE LIFE. Overall, Saweetie serves looks, face, and music!

Click on the image to listen to THE SINGLE LIFE album!

In November of this year, Saweetie released her EP, THE SINGLE LIFE. I cannot choose which song I like on the EP because I like them all! All the singles give a different vibe. The one song I listen to the most is Handle My Truth. I highly recommend this album for those who like "pretty girl music".

Even though there are some people who think Saweetie got in the game because she's a pretty face, but there are some people who disagree. I disagree because she makes her music fun and interesting to listen to. I think Saweetie is an interesting artist because of the energy she brings within her music.


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