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It's all about LoyalTee!

For those who are passionate about music, it is definitely an outlet for some. This female rapper is doing her big one. She has some fire songs such as Prosper, So Many Scars, Long Way, God Be My Witness, and the list goes on! In addition, she makes balancing motherhood and being an artist look so easy! This artist is none other than the beautiful LoyalTee!

Click on the link to listen to Get On!

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting the lovely LoyalTee! We had discussed about her music, her capability of balancing motherhood, and who she is outside of music! She also gave the girls the tea on what her plans are as far as her music goes! So kick up your feet, put on some relaxing music, and let's get to it!

Click on the image to listen to her album Prosper!

During my interview with LoyalTee, I can say that she is very soft spoken! In addition, I can say that she is very passionate about her music. I admire her because she has the capability of balancing her music. motherhood, and being a wife. Being a female rapper, or a female artist in general, it rather difficult because there has to be some sort of sex appeal in order to be noticed. However with LoyalTee, she gets her points across. She released an EP on Valentine's Day called The Love Was Never Real and when I say that the EP is hot?! IT IS! Like the girls would say, she put her foot in that!

We also discussed her releasing any projects, but that is on hold for a bit. LoyalTee expressed to me that at the moment, she is focused on performing just so she gains more exposure! I am here for her greatness! However, outside of her music, she is a mother to a handsome little boy, an amazing wife, and a woman of God! She is doing her big one!

LoyalTee is one of those artists who grasps your attention not because of her southern accent and her soft spoken voice. But within her music, I think with every song an artist releases, there is a message within that. With LoyalTee, she is very optimistic and I cannot wait to see what else she is bringing to the table! To keep up with her music, follow her on Instagram!


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