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Lover Boyz

This artist has no problem saying what it is that he is feeling. It can be about him wanting to love again, him trying to be more than the average man, and so much more. He brings a lover boy aesthetic about him, and that makes him more of an interesting artist. He goes by the name of OG Quelly!

Click on the link to listen to Save Me!

Quelly was a part of the TMG Takeover concert that took place on the 31st of March of 2023. Watching him perform, a lot of people said that he was a vibe. So I took the initiative to see what he was about. Growing up, his life was pretty normal. Singing was something that he started early in life. However, he enjoyed outdoor activites such as sports, drawing, being with animals and his family. Some may wonder how he got started and this is what he expresses to me, "What influenced me to do music is literally every part of my life. Singing and creating, but I did not have the courage to really start until I was 11. I started in the Atlanta Men's Choir, that basically helped me train my voice. When I was 16, I started doing more than classical music. I joined an R&B group, and the rest was history". Okay, can we talk about how he open-minded when it comes to music? We love that for you Quelly! Can we say music is his purpose? Let's dig deep. "I definitely see music being my purpose. I can't see myself doing anything other than that. I will always have my other outlets but music is my baby".

Click play to watch a snippet of Quelly's performance from the TMG Takeover concert!

The last single that Quelly released was called Save Me and one prior called High Road. I can say that Save Me is definitely a vibe along with High Road. You can just tell that he put his gallbladder into his music, But what's next? Quelly gives us an insight on what's next for him as far as his music goes. "I do have more projects coming up. April 8th, I am dropping a new single called I need you with one of my good friends Inigo Sane. Afterwards, I'll be working on more singles to put out". If you want to hear a snippet, keep up with Quelly on social media! Quelly gives the sad/lover Boyz energy, but is there going to be a change? Here's what he had to say, "I plan on putting out all kinds of music honestly. Some sad, some happy, and some that just feels good. It could be any genre, so don't get your hopes up on just 1". I'm all for the switch up. If he dips into his Trippie Redd era, I'm here for it too!

But being in the music business, is not all peaches and cream. There are some challenges that come with it. "Some challenges I faced during this journey of my music career was staying on it. A lot of personal things can take a toll on me from staying consistent. That and having a fear that people would not enjoy what I put out."

Click on the link to listen to High Road!

This thing we can life can knock us down sometimes. So finding a balance can be a bit challenging especially when you try to take on a lot. How does he do it? "Do I feel like I have a balance with my music and personal life? Honestly, no. I can't say I have with my personal problems, taking care of my baby girl, my love life. It for sure can get complicated, but it is a work in progress. For anyone looking to get into it, it is going to have its ups and downs, but it'll be worth it in the end. I just say focus on all the things that will actually help you in the long run, and that includes people. Not everyone around you has your best interest." Well with that being said, we're rooting for you and your elevation Quelly!

So let's put the music on hiatus for a second, let's see who Quelly is as a person and what he does outside of music. "Quelly is an entertainer, and that in any lane. Music will always be first, but that will not be the last. I just love to try things, and see what I can accomplish just so I can say I did it. As of right now other than music, I'm working on my clothing line Love Koda. It is just something I've always wanted to try out. I feel like I have a pretty good style, so why not create and wear something of my own?"

After experiencing the TMG Takeover concert as the hostess with the mostess, I can say Quelly has this laid back vibe about him. You can see the passion within his music, as another artist. Don't sleep on Quelly, a star is on the rise!


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