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Milli Got Millis

Some may be familiar with this rapper from her freestyle on 2021 XXL Freshman. This artist is also famous for her song Conceited. This artist can be described as bubbly and versatile. This rapper is none other than Flo Milli!

Click on the image of Flo Milli to listen to Conceited!

Tamia Monique Carter formerly known as Flo Milli was born on January 9, 2000, in Mobile, Alabama. When Carter was in elementary school, she began writing music. Growing up in the South, all she did was listen to black musicians. The main 3 she named were Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, and Erykah Badu. It was not untill she was11 years old that she started rapping and formed a rap group called Pink Mafia. However, Pink Mafia disbanded when she was 14. Carter stated on Instagram that when she was younger she would watch 106 & Park. She saw that Nicki Minaj was on the show and from then on, she decided to go from short verses to actual songs. In 2015, she released her first song called No Hook. While she was under the radar for a little bit, she signed with RCA records and she popped out with a single named BeefFloMix. The single went viral on TikTok and on Instagram in 2019. Since then, she has released projects: H**, Why Is You Here? & You Still Here H**?

Click on the GIF to listen to her most recent project!

Since it is 2023, and Flo Milli released this project in the summer of last year, I feel like she is not really talked about enough. My favorite songs off of You Still Here, H**? is Intro HBIC, Conceited, PBC, Pretty Girls, & Do Better. I like this album because it made me develop an alter ego. I already had confidence but an alter ego like how Beyonce has Sasha Fierce? Yeah for me, it is Egypt Mendoza. This album definitely expresses how the only opinion that matters when it is regarding you, is yours. I love how Flo Milli incorporated Tiffany Pollard on her Intro HBIC single because Tiffany herself would always say "I am the HBIC". I give this album a 1000/10.

I think Flo Milli can bring a different light to the rap game. She definitely has the energy and the potential to be great! If you have not been keeping up with her social media, she has a remix to Conceited coming soon with MaiyaTheDonn! Stay tuned!


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