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Poetic Justice

This artist gives the MEANING of poetic justice and she takes the cake in the neosoul category. She is a real lyricist and she is something that the music world has been missing out on! The way she speaks to the soul is breath-taking and mesmerizing. She says the things that most people think of everyday. She puts the SOUL in neosoul, and best believe she is going to give Erykah Badu and India.Arie a run for their money. This talented queen is Abstract C.I.M!

Click on the image to listen to My First Exodus!

Abstract C.I.M was also a part of the TMG Takeover concert along with Tashawnmusic, OG Quelly, Wolfchulo, and more! I had to find out who this woman is behind her poems. Leaving from Augusta after graduating high school, she dipped into music more! "I left Augusta after graduating high school, so I was not prominent on the music scene. But, I know it's nothing like Atlanta. Atlanta is the best city I can live in closest to my hometown where I can have options of venues to perform at on almost any night of the week. This city is saturated with talent and hungry artists". I mean, Atlanta is the home of the music scene.

Artists have different time frames of when they start music. Some artists start music when they are young, or some start later on in life. Here's where Abstract started. "I started in 2009, in 9th grade English class. I went to an amazing fine arts school that pushed us artistically and academically. John S. Davidson Fine Arts. A Shakespeare poetry performance assignment turned into a competition, which turned into a first place award, and I have been rhyming ever since." She states that her role models are her mother, her mentor Ms.I , Lauryn Hill, Mumu Fresh, Sa-Roc, and more.

Click play to see a snippet of Abstract's performance!

People are always inspired to do things, but with Abstract she had a different level of inspiriation. "I've been a poet since 2009. Around 2019, I was at the end of a 1 year dry spell of not writing poetry . Call it life or low inspirtation. The "For the D" rap challenge when viral on social media, where women rapped about things they were willing to do for **** and i tried it in my spare time for fun. It had a special twist of why I would not trip over ****. It was surprisingly good, completely out of my comfort zone, and it gained a lot of positive feedback. It reignited my passion for writing again. During the TMG Takeover performance, she performed My Intro Poem, Neosoul Space, Starting Over, Walk with Me & Journey to Neosoul Space. I highly enjoy her music. It reminds me of being in a coffee shop, doing home working, and vibing. I can feel that music changed her life. "Poetry and lyrics both changed my life. It's given me a voice when I felt voiceless. It has allowed me to perform boldly even though I thought I was shy and timid. It's my lifeline and creative purpose in life. It is my gift that I am forever grateful for". Usually, Abstract does her music as a solo artist, but are we going to see collaborations? "I see myself collaborating with BvndoBill, Tashawnmusic, Jill Scott, India.Arie, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Lola Ladae', Seaknahirie, and more!

Besides the music, who is Abstract? What does she do besides music? "Outside of music, I am a business manager for a marketing and communications department. But I am also a talented spoken word poet, writer, editor, sketch artist/painter, dancer, lover of all things self care and healing. Black sheep/baby of the family, and a proud performer of excellence no matter what I'm in doing life". We love this for her! Go Queen!

Shall we say that she's setting the tone for modern day Neosoul? I think so. "100%. I'm not sure if the genre will necessarily take over, but I'm biased so I think it should. I see so much beauty in neosoul: especially in the way I blend it with hip-hop. It's much better than what gets promoted mainstream. But timing is everything. I'm preparing for my time". Also, being an African American woman in the music business can be challenging. They are overlooked , over sexualized, etc,. "Conscious black women emcees don't get a lot of attention or credit with larger agencies. I could climb my way to the top quicker if I marketed sex appeal or focused on trap music, etc., but I am finding my own audience for sure. It may take longer, but it's possible."

Click on the image to listen to NeoSoul Space!

To any female artist that is trying to succeed in music, here is some advice from Abstract! "Listen/create music that makes you feel good. Then listen to it again + go stream that new neosoul/hip-hop album NeoSoul Space! on all platforms now and add it to your playlist!"

I feel that Abstract is going to give the girlies what they want, and for what she has released so far? She understood the assignment well! Abstract is so talented, and she deserves her flowers as well. We do not see a lot of poets anymore, but for all of us here at BNM, we are rooting for her!


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