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The Bandit is at it again

From the shade being thrown to starting social media drama to having his moments of isolation, this artist has been on a spree of life experiences. You should know him for his relationship with Floyd Mayweather's daughter, Yaya. No? Okay, what about his songs such as Right Foot Creep, Pull Up Actin, No Smoke, and Four Sons of a King! This artist is none other than Youngboy NBA!

Click on the GIF to listen to Pull Up Actin'!

Kentrell Gaulden AKA Youngboy Never Broke Again has had an interesting career. At the age of 23, he became a father of 10, he is about to experience marriage, and he has an extensive career. In my previous piece about Gaulden, we discussed his childhood, him starting off his music career, and his personal life outside of music. One thing about Youngboy NBA, he is going to have a ball while creating music. I mean, if we really talk about it, Youngboy NBA never disappoints.

Listen to I Rest My Case by clicking on the image below!

Since the start of the New Year, Gaulden had showed his fans sneak peeks of his new album that he had dropped today! I took the time out of my day to listen to his newly released project, and when I tell you guys, Youngboy brings out the crazy antics out of me. So far, I like the songs Black, Louie V, Red, Double Cup, and Rage. Some fans may like the other songs more than they like the songs I have selected. Furthermore, I like how he added some "skits" in his album, it amplifies the interest in the album. Lastly, can we talk about how he switches up the sounds in every single on the album. This is the reason why Youngboy is a popular artist!

Maybe this year, Gaulden will be shown in a different light. I say this because consumers only see the negative, so the person is portrayed as negative. Overall, Gaulden has so much potenial within his music. Sooner than later, he will be portrayed differently,


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