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The Multi-Talented Producer

Being behind the scenes does have it's pros and cons. With this talented producer, he is pretty much content with it. With me knowing him personally somewhat, he has so much talent that needs to be shared with the world! Not only does he know how to sing, he is a producer, song writer, dancer, mixing/mastering engineer, and videographer. What other artist do you know that has more than one talent? In addition, he has produced for Roscoe Dash, and more! This multi-talented artist is none other than Tashawnmusic!

Click on the link to listen to Rebound!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of interviewing Tashawn and when I tell you guys that this man is about the money? HE IS! Tashawn has so many skills! Not only does he do music, he is also a business owner. Those who know, know that Tashawn put his own name on the map. However, we would not know what Tashawn is up to except the people close to him because he is a private person. Outside of producing, Tashawn also sings. There are a couple of songs of his that I like and they are Is It Love (which I know every single word) & Money Dance! I highly recommend Tashawn, not because he's a friend, but because he is actually talented. In addition, he has the proof to back up his talent! Also, being from New York City, Brooklyn to be exact, he's true to this not new to this!

Click on the image to listen to Money Dance!

Moving on from his other talents, let's talk about the music! The last time he released an actual album was in 2019, but he released an EP last year. While speaking to Tashawn, he gave me the inside scoop that not only is he working on a new project called Everything Good, he is branching out into different genres besides Hip-Hop and R&B. When it comes to his music, he is not trying to be like Tyrese, Jaheim, or Ginuwine. Tashawn explains that when it comes to his music, he is all for accountability. He has a master level of expertise in the song writing category because he has written music in all genres! Furthermore, he is an old soul! He hopes in the mere future to collaborate with Outkast! In the interview, he stated "Me doing music is my way to getting my word across on all levels, to all races, all genres, all of it. It's the only way you can talk to somebody."

Click on the photo below to listen to Is It Love!

Outside of music, Tashawn just wants to see everyone win! Not only is Tashawn a talented person, he is also a great human being. Overall, I am manifesting that he will become bigger than where is he is now! What really fascinates me about Tashawn, he always has a way to make money! In addition, you never know what Tashawn is going to do as far as music. He will always keep you on your toes! If you have not heard any of his songs, click on the links below and enjoy! Also, if you're an artist and you need some great beats, consider working with the best! Follow him on instagram!


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