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The Next Tory Lanez

This R&B singer has his affect on the ladies with just the way he sings. According to his manager, Tashawnmusic, he is the newer/fresh version of Tory Lanez. If you heard music, you will defeinitely hear the talent! He makes Tyrese, Jaheim, and Ginuwine look like simpletons. His vocals are so soothing to the ear, that it makes the girls go crazy. This R&B singer goes by Phvrvoh!

Click on the image to listen to How High!

Music has been in Phvrvoh's family for as long as he can remember. His mom sings a little bit, his father is a drummer, his aunt is a dancer, and his uncle is a singer that can play any instrument. With the way this guy sings, I would not be surprised if he was a female's lockscreen. Music must be his purpose as some would assume, but he had a different answer for that. "If it ain't that, then what else could it be? I'm simply riding on this wave called life, and where I end up at the end of it, is where I end up".

Click on the image to listen to Dangerous featuring SweetTea!

I had the opportunity to speak to Phvrvoh about his personal life and his music career at the end of March. I asked him what his favorite project was and this is what he had to say, "I will always say my favorite projects are my most recent and my next because it is always a level up. But I'll say BRIX and 1-800-SHAKE-ME. BRIX is my most experimental sound because I low-key made that sound. No one has heard of R&B and Drill beats until I made ICY and started copying it. 1-800 is my most polished and cohesive project from front to back and is an endless loop. Let it play for beginning to end on repeat, and you won't even realize that the project started over." I have a couple of favorite songs off the album and they are How High?, DTS, Compatible, & Channel Surfin. I feel like How High? is the type of song that any girl would want their man to play to cater to them. Yeah, Phvrovh put his foot in this one! But being a musician, also has its challenges. he said "Prayer and music" brought him out of his lowest times. As he said, reel it in, and slow down.

Click on the image to listen to BRIX !

Some who are fans of Phvrvoh are wondering if he's releasing anything new. However, i happened to join his live on Instagram, and he was creating a song called Nexus Point. He is not releasing that any time soon, but he is focused on creating at the moment. In his words he says, "I'm just creating probably, won't be performing until I have what I need to provide a great performance that is up to my standards. I don't want to put anything together and it's half a**. Fans deserve better than that". For those who know, know that Phvrovh is also a father. So what could be his secret to balancing fatherhood & music? "You just have to do it, ain't no secret. You either balance or fail in one of the areas, but it is a constant struggle. It ain't easy." Other than recording songs, he spends his time on YouTube watching the most random things. However, he is always learning something new so it balances it out. Who is Phvrovh outside of music? He doesn't even know himself. "To myself, I'm just me. I've been me for 26 years and I don't know how to describe myself other than me." The advice he gives to those who want to start their music career, "Do what you think is right to do. Do what feels right, and what makes you happy. Don't sacrifice your sanity and your happiness".

I feel with the way Phvrvoh sings, he's going to be out here hurting feelings because any girl would love a man that can sing. Meeting Phvrvoh, he has a charmastic personality, from what I have seen. He is talented, and we have to give him his flowers! Y'all keep up with Phvrvoh and his music through social media. The link to his Instagram is down below and stay tuned for what he has to offer!


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