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The Realest Canadian

This artist rose to fame off of his song WFM (Wait For Me) on TikTok which became a popular sound. Another song of his that become popular was Toxic. Some probably have seen Robiiworld (who is a popular Instagram user) use the song quite frequently. If you're still not familiar with who the artist is, it is none other than RealestK!

Click on the image to listen to WFM!

RealestK was born Rony Kordab on June 5, 2004, in Toronto, Canada. We do not really know much about his life growing up, but what we do know is how he rose to fame. He rose to fame in October of 2021 when he released WFM along with the music video for it. WFM became such a popular song that all the girls were using it in their TikTok videos. The following year, he collaborated with fellow artists Nav along with Drake and released Lost Me. In addition, he also released Toxic which was also another single of his that became popular on the internet. Kordab just started his career in the music business and he already has taken TikTok by storm. Also, he has the ladies in a chokehold just by the way he sings. He gives Justin Bieber but without the bangs and the blonde hair.

In February of 2023, he released You & I , and I can say it is the best song to listen to when you are going through a breakup. It is a cute song, but I wonder if he's going to switch up the Canadian Jaheim/Joe vibes to more like Drake, 21 Savage, and more. Regardless, he is definitely on everybody's radar as a musician.

I do not think that RealestK has gotten his recognition yet. I feel like people only view him as being a popular TikTok sound. I hope later on this year, that he does get the recognition that he deserves!

Click on the image to listen to You & I!


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