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The Stallion's applying pressure

Shake That, Ca$h S**t, Freak Nasty, Hood Rat S**t, Simon Says are all hits by this Texan superstar. You might have noticed her in that football snippet on Snapchat and Instagram where she was wearing football gear with Cardi B. She is known for all the twerking songs you hear on the radio along with making you feel like the material girl. She also refers to herself as Tina Snow because she's so cold. This Texan hottie is none other than Megan Thee Stallion. For anyone that isn't familiar with Megan, she calls her fans Thee Hotties. In addition, the Texan superstar was also involved in a social media feud with Tory Lanez and her old manager from MLB: Carl Crawford.

Click on the image below to listen to Captain Hook.

Megan the Stallion was born as Megan Jovon Ruth Pete on February 15,1995 in San Antonio, Texas. At 14 she started writing raps, but at 18 she rapped about things that were sexually suggestive. Her mother, Holly Pete, felt like she was too young to be speaking on sexual activities. Meg Thee Stallion first started off her career with dropping mixtapes on SoundCloud such as Rich Ratchet and Megan Mix. In 2017, Megan made her first professional debut with her EP called Make it Hot . After releasing her EP, she had millions of views on YouTube. After gaining popularity on YouTube and SoundCloud, she had gone on and released several projects: Fever, Tina Snow, Good News, Suga, and Something for Thee Hotties. Throughout her career, the one feud that sparked her career was the shooting back in 2020. Pete approached social for the first time accusing Tory Lanez for shooting her in the foot. No one really knows what happened, but this event definitely started some controversy. After her debacle with Lanez, she ended up beefing with her old manager Carl Crawford. Regardless of all that feuds Megan has dealt with, I am a Tina Snow fan 110%!

Click on the GIF to hear Meg the Stallion's new song Pressurelicious!

On July 22nd, Megan had released Pressurelicious. I gave this song a few days to sink in and I love it. I was trying to determine of this is a party song or a "running on the treadmill" kind of song: it is definitely both. This song is definitely for the HOTTIES!! The song has a feature with Future, his toxic self. I love the song as a whole because what 20 year old would not want to shake it to Megan Thee Stallion? Exactly. I love Megan and what she brings to the table as an artist. However, I want to see if she can bring more to the table than just sex appeal. I want to see her get in her feelings for once because then THAT? That would have me in a chokehold.

All in all, Megan thee Stallion is really that girl because she literally was in college while pursuing her career as a rapper. In addition, she was also grieving the loss of her mother and her grandmother simultaneously. One thing I can say, Megan is a strong black woman. She used the pain and channeled it into her music: she definitely did that! I want to see the sensitive side of Megan. I say this because I feel like she has so much potential. So hopefully, she releases a sappy project soon!


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