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You heard about the new Pooh Shiesty?

I am not sure what it is, but this artist had some people in a chokehold with his music. This artist has collaborated with Meg Thee Stallion, Lil Durk, Moneybagg Yo, Gucci Mane and more! Also, this artist is from the South! This rapper is none other than Pooh Shiesty!

Click on the image to listen to Back in Blood!

Pooh Shiesty was born Lontrell Donell Williams Jr. on November 8,1999, in Memphis, Tennessee. Some do not know about Williams' personal life because he from what he would say on social media, he is a very private person. However, what we do know is that Williams did not start focusing on his music career until he was 18 years old. Williams made his debut in 2019 when he performed Hell Night with another fellow artist named Big30. Since his debut, he has released several popular projects such as Shiesty Season and Shiesty Season: Certified. My favorite songs by Pooh Shiesty would be Back in Blood, 50 Shots, Who Me (Ft Meg Thee Stallion), Should've Ducked, & Neighbors! However, if you are a fan of Pooh Shiesty, you would know that Pooh Shiesty loves wearing his ski masks. One thing about him, his music is going to have fire lyrics every time!

Click on this gif to listen to Do It Again!

In late October, Williams released his song called Do It Again and I can say that I actually like the song, It is not his usual hype song, but I can say this song is a vibe. I can recommend this on a playlist for a get together. Pooh Shiesty never disappoints. Even though right now he is incarcerated, he still finds the ability to put out music for his fans! One thing Pooh Shiesty is going to do, is DELIVER! As some are waiting for Williams to be free from incarceration, we hope he still releases more music!


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